NAYMOTE Trains VR Canvassers in Southeast


The National Youth Movement for Transparent Elections (NAYMOTE) with support from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has completed training of canvassers as part of the civic voter education (CVE) campaign for the upcoming voter registration (VR) process. The goal of the training was to increase citizens’ participation in the democratic processes in southeastern Liberia.

According to a release, the training, which was designed to increasing citizen’s understanding and participation in the VR process, took place in River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru counties.

NAYMOTE has embarked on several activities to identify local civil society organizations (CSOs) and volunteers in three counties, conduct training for civic educators, deploy canvassers, and host coffee shop discussions on the upcoming VR process in project locations as well as increase awareness through the institution’s mobile call center.

The institution has completed the identification of local CSOs in three counties in collaboration with NAYMOTE regional coordinator, Lawrence Myers, and the National Elections Commission (NEC) county magistrates. A total of 12 local CSOs were identified (four per county) and these CSOs have recruited
30 volunteers in each county to conduct CVE awareness on the voter education process.

On January 25, NAYMOTE, in collaboration with the NEC magistrate in River Gee County, conducted a Civic and Voters Education training on the VR process for 30 canvassers (17 males and 13 females) at the NEC Conference Hall in Potupo District, River Gee County.

Canvassers attending the training were recruited from several institutions including AMUANU for National Development from Webbo District #3, Peace Building Board from Kanweaken City, River Gee United Christian Organization from Potupo, District #2 as well as NAYMOTE volunteers from Potupo, District #2.

The training was intended to strengthen the capacity of canvassers in order for them to conduct effective civic education for the VR process.

Gbaye K. Synyenlentu, NEC Magistrate in River Gee County, welcomed participants, while the Assistant Superintendent Joseph Bohlen and former Superintendent Philip Jah gave remarks.

The training was facilitated by Mr. Synyenlentu and Joshua D. Cleon, Media and Communications Officer – NAYMOTE.

Mr. Cleon presented on the topic, “Understanding the 2017 Voters Registration Process, Legal Reliance for the Voter Registration, CVE messages approved by NEC, and procedures for voter registration,” while the second presentation was done by Mr. Synyenlentu on the topic, “Mainstreaming Gender in the 2017 VR Process.”

The training deepened participants understanding of the 2017 VR process and strategies for conducting effective Civic and Voter Education.

NAYMOTE also educated participants on the frequently asked questions about voter registration developed by NEC as well as distributed copies to all of the canvassers.


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