NAYMOTE Takes Law, Justice Education to Students

Dao Freeman, Commissioner of the Liberia National Police (LNP) for Training and Manpower Development along with Atty. Kebeh S. Freeman-Saryon, Legal Consultant at the Ministry of Public Works and Trokon Ernest Thompson of NAYMOTE in the red shirt

-Commissioner Freeman alarms; urged students to report criminal activities

NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development has taken law and justice education to high school students, which is intended to enable them get better understanding and education regarding the rule of law and justice.

Dao Freeman, Commissioner of the Liberia National Police (LNP) for Training and Manpower Development, has said persistent non-support continue to be on the increase across the country, police report reveals.

Freeman spoke at the sixth edition of the School Law and Justice program organized by NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development, held on the Apostolic Foundation School campus in Sinkor, outside Monrovia.

The program brings experienced police officers and lawyers to the classrooms to educate students in practical law, crimes prevention, conflict resolution and adherence to the rule of law, due process and access to justice.

It is expected to help advance justice, promote peace, rule of law and democracy through seminars, lectures and mock court trials to support the criminal justice system.

Officer Freeman said it was unfortunate for someone who fathered a child refuse to shoulder his responsibility, but hoped that Liberia will be a changed society.

Today, “We are telling you what crime is so you can help or be able to report it. The police officers are empowered to fight crimes and educating you to about crimes will assist the police in fighting crime,” said officer Freeman, who spoke on the topic, “crime and how youth can prevent it”.

He said the engagement of citizens, especially students in various communities will help increase awareness on reporting on criminal activities.

“Developing or building your capacities to fight crime will help reduce it in our society. Again, we need to know that security is everyone’s business,” officer Freeman said.

Atty. Kebeh S. Freeman-Saryon called on the students to be good citizens and see due process as a way forward for good society.

“Do not resist a court order or police arrest, because they will help you to seek justice. Knowing your rights is important and will help you in the case of law enforcement by officer or court arrangement,” Atty. Saryon told students.

Atty. Saryon told students to avoid doing things that will come in conflict with the law and be good citizens or law abiding.


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