Naymote Condemns Arson Attacks on NEC, Associate Justice Nagbe

Mr. Jarwolo acknowledged that little was achieved in the area of lawmaking which he noted is one of the cardinal functions of the lawmakers.

-Calls for Political Tolerance

Liberia’s premier democracy advancement institution, Naymote Partners for Democratic Development has strongly condemned the arson attacks (petrol bombs) on the National Elections Commission (NEC) facilities in Monrovia and the home of Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe by unknown men.

The institution has called on all political leaders, and Liberians to be conflict-sensitive, respect the rule of law to promote peace and prevent violence, according to a release issued in Monrovia.

The statement said the recent wave of throwing petrol bombs is dangerous and worrisome especially in a post-conflict society and has the propensity to undermine the democratic process, peace, and the gain the country has made over the years.

The institution is imploring the National Elections Commission, (NEC) and the Supreme Court of Liberia to maintain independence, be impartial, and conflict-sensitive in dealing with electoral matters as otherwise could undermine the integrity of the democratic processes. 

The institution’s Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo has called for a political tolerance society.

He said democracy is a fundamental value in any society while most people rule; the rights of the minority should be protected. He said people who are not in power should be allowed to organize and speak out on critical national issues and individual citizens must learn to be tolerant of each other.

He said the ingredient of peace should be adherence to the rule of law, accountability, regular, free, and fair elections, and citizens’ participation in democratic processes reminding Liberians of the unpleasant past where thousands got killed and properties destroyed due to exclusion, inequality, and fraudulent elections.

Jawolo has called on ECOWAS and international partners to seriously monitor political development in Liberia and condemn the recent threat of petrol bombs throwing at the National Elections Commission and at Associate Justice Nagbe’s home. 

The institution is calling for an urgent and impartial investigation by the Liberian National Police and perpetrators should be brought to justice.

It can be recalled that authorities at the National Elections Commission (NEC) woke up Monday to the news of an arson attack on the zinc roofed garage of its headquarters, with vehicles and some other valuables completely damaged.

According to details from NEC Communications Department, the incident occured at 10:30 p.m on Monday, March 15, 2021.

“The Commission says unknown persons threw petrol bombs on the compound of the NEC Headquarters which set ablaze a double cabin pickup, marked LB-6868 and the zinc garage,” Prince Dunbar, a staff of NEC’s Communication Department, said in a statement issued.

Dunbar added that a preliminary investigation from NEC’s security guards and officers of the Liberia National Police assigned at the Commission has established that, apart from the petrol bomb that exploded, two additional unexploded petrol bombs were found near the NEC fence on the 10th Street side.

“It is not known who might be responsible for the attack on the Commission, but the Board of Commissioners is worried about what has begun and will lend all its support to the security apparatus as they further investigate and employ efforts to bring the perpetrators to book,” Prince said.

He estimated the cost of the damage to about US$45,000.

The acting Communications Director at the NEC said the Liberia National Police (LNP) has called on the Commission to further beef up its security at the headquarters and for strict measures and vigilance.


  1. The Shielding of Wrongdoers: A Dangerous Recipe for Peace. It Might Come Home to Bite Us.

    Homegrown terrorism is a threat to peace everywhere. The big powers are suffering from theirs as we little countries have to deal with it too. When the Canadian Government labeled The Proud Boys of the USA as a terrorists organization, more White Supremacist organizations took issues with it. The surprising issues is that some don’t want to call a homegrown terrorist groups TERRORIST, due to the color of their skin. In the united states and other western nations, they are fast to label a group’s action a terrorist act if it is committed by an individual with brown or black skin than individual with white skin color. This bias has embolden radical white groups to commit murder with IMPUNITY.
    CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc, are fast to call a lone Muslim Gunman or a Middle Eastern knife- wielding suspect TERRORIST than members of the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers and other White Radical Groups the same terrorisms label. Even though, often the casualty of the latter surpasses the other.

    Coming home…..
    The thrower(s) of Molotov cocktails into the Islamic Center on September 18 2019, in Paynesville, that left 27 innocent kids and and their instructors dead is nothing but an act of terrorism that was carried on by HOMEGROWN religious fanatics. Investigators were fast to say, ‘it was due to faulty generator wiring at the facility’. Before the incident occur, there were threat against the center. Incendiary fire bombs were thrown there many times before.
    This time around, it’s the NEC Center. Maybe the next time it will be the capitol Building, like white happened in the USA in January. The Shielding of wrongdoers, might come home to bite us. Those who bombed the NEC Center, will surely come back in a more viscous way than what was done. Let try to bring them to justice.

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