Nat’l Christian Taskforce Plans 3 Day Fast and Praise


The National Christian Taskforce in collaboration with Liberians in the Diaspora has disclosed a plan for three days of fasting and praise ceremonies throughout Liberia.

David G. Benitoe, Director of the National Christian Taskforce of Liberia, made the disclosure on Thursday at a well-attended gathering at the Winners’ Chapel International in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Rev. Benitoe said the three days of events will kick off this Thursday, July 21, at which time each of the invited local churches will fast in their respective churches. On Friday, July 22, each church will be expected to hold an evening praise service with the focus on intense praises to the Almighty God.

On Saturday, he said, there will be a single closing service in each city, town and village beginning at 12 p.m., during which time all the churches in a particular location will gather at a selected venue to fast and pray together.

“There is a need to increase fasting and praying for the people of Liberia and the country,” Rev. Benitoe said.

He meanwhile called on the public to pray to help save Liberia from the demonic claws of Satan.

“We don’t need to wait for something to happen before praying for the people or the country. We need to engage into such prayers with lots of sacrifices to redeem the land. This is important for us, and we want to encourage everyone to be a part,” Rev. Benitoe maintained.

In a related development, Rev. Benitoe has announced an upcoming Citizens’ Empowerment Summit under the theme, “Church and National Politics.” The Summit is intended to provide knowledge which would enable the electorates to elect good leaders for Liberia during the 2017 elections.

He said the first summit is expected to kick off on July 23 at the Bethel Cathedral of Hope in Congo Town, where there will be speakers to fully educate Liberians on the importance of getting an education, especially from the churches.

“Our people need to know the role of the church in national politics. They need to also choose the best leader or person that will move the country forward. This nation needs serious prayer, and everyone has to be involved,” Rev. Benitoe declared.

He said during elections, particularly in Liberia, many politicians and individuals build bridges, clinics, markets, schools as well as providing scholarships in order to attract votes, but the exercise most often leads to voting the wrong person into office.

Winners’ Chapel International National Pastor Johnson Andu said, “The people of Liberia need to get an understanding of the role of money in elections, because if we are looking for money, we would even elect the devil,” he said.

He said anyone who sits over a nation, determines how that country is run, for which the church needs to play its role to ensure that a God-fearing person heads a nation.

“As UNMIL draws down, we need to pray for the security of the state and also pray for the coming 2017 presidential and legislative elections. We need to continue praying to ensure that God’s blessing is upon Liberia, and also have leaders that will fear God,” he added.


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