National Security Council Meets on Critical Issues


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Monday convened a special national Security Council meeting to hold discussions on a number of national issues, a release from the Executive Mansion has said.

According to the release, the Security Council discussed strategies and actions to deter threats from groups and individuals attempting to disrupt and undermine the peace and security of the country, and sought ways of protecting the public from their actions.

The Security Council also discussed the state of vehicles and trucks transporting containers as well as the large number of abandoned vehicles in public places and the threats they pose to citizens and residents on a daily basis.

]The Council expressed regret for the loss of lives during the weekend due to an accident caused by a container truck that was said to be defective and called on the relevant government institutions to take actions to address the situation. The Council further expressed condolences to the bereaved families and consolation for the wounded.


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