‘National Progress Demands Community Involvement,’ Says Crown Hill Chairman Kamara


The chairman of the Crown Hill Community (0602), Mohammed M. Kamara, has said that the best poverty reduction strategy for any nation is the plan that includes communities through sincere and transparent working partnership with each other.
Speaking at the induction ceremony of the community recently, he said such involvement must emulate what communities and the central government used to fight and contain the deadly Ebola virus disease.
He told the community members that the path towards sustainable electricity (energy) will be long and sometimes difficult but the 0602 Crown Hill Community cannot escape this transition. “We must politically lead it, the leadership cannot sit to see the community suffer for energy that will power our homes, institutions and at the same time create jobs for our people,” he said.
He said the community must work together towards positive result that will also revamp economic vitality and the community’s treasure, water security, sanitation and, watch team.
“That is how we will preserve our community from the threat of climate change. Knowing that the smoke of power generator causes environmental pollution so, failure to find positive solution to this problem would betray this,” he said.
Some may still deny the overwhelming judgment of science, but none can avoid the devastating impact of using power generator within this millennium, he noted.
He said 0602 Crown Community will remain the anchor of strong alliances in every corner of district #8 (Montserrado County), “because we still believe that our obligations as 0602 Crown Hillers to nation building are not just to ourselves, but to all communities such as the residential community, and the institutional community, for institutional community we mean the academic, religious, private and non-governmental communities.”
Kamara said the current generation of 0602 Crown Hill residents has been tested by what he termed as “backward, deceitful forces” that only strengthened and proved its resilience.
“The months of their actions have now ended. 0602 Crown Hill Community’s possibilities are limitless, for we posses all the qualities that this district demands: youth and elders, students and non-students, diversity of openness; an endless capacity for risks and a gift for recreation,” Kamara said.
He called on the community to demand solutions from the central authority because they cannot achieve these things as communities, without the political support from national government and the private sector.
Kamara urged the community to embrace with solemn duty and overwhelming joy their common effort and common purpose, with passion and dedication to do things to benefit each other and Liberia.


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