National County Meet: Lofa, Maryland Knocked Out in Semi Final

Flashback: Lofa and Nimba in an encounter

The enthusiasm tied to this year’s National County Sports Meet is so high that every Liberian is curious to know how well his or her county will perform.  But as the semi final stands now, the excitement of the Lofians and Marylanders has dwindled.

Having raised high battle cries in almost every corner of Monrovia with hope expressed that it would triumph over the little-known Grand Kru, Lofa could not meet up with its objective of knocking out Grand Kru, but fell below with two goals for Grand Kru and one for her (Lofa).

Both teams and supporters, after long period of wondering about who meets who as the fixture delayed, had been preparing, expressing hope and predicting on social media how many goals to beat an opponent.

President George Weah, being from Grand Kru, left work early Thursday with his host of Kru Ministers to get to the SKD Sports Complex to encourage their boys.  After ninety minutes of play, with each side holding onto 1 goal that would end in a draw, Grand Kru ended up with another one against Lofa, leaving the Wologisi boys hopeless with fatigue.

With Liberians unique categorization according to diet, the Kru boys had a very nice palm-butter to satisfy their appetite on Thursday, unlike the Lorma, Gbandi, Kissi and Mandingo boys whose soda Tugborgee did not grant them the chance to have the weight to withstand palm-butter boys but departed with a running stomach.  This means now that Lofa has no option but to choose whom to support in the next phase.

It is highly unpredictable how Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee is feeling, as he is caught between the scissors.  After taking the Wologisi boys to an advanced restaurant, where most of them have not been privileged to reach, hoping that the county could triumph, the opposite appeared but with a condition that he cannot escape.  Mayor Koijee’s boss, President George Weah and the major face of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) won him.  Can he share the joy of the President after being beaten?  Surely he has to, because the President needs to be happy and Koijee must not betray the trust, though he and his boys have not the means to eat the Torkporgee and the Issue joyfully in their own camp.

For Maryland and Nimba, Senator Prince Johnson and his people said they sympathized with the Marylanders not to give them many goals but just 1.  Early yesterday most of the lawmakers from both counties had gathered at the SKD to see their boys bring pride to them, but the Maryland boys had no option in the end other than consoling themselves as Speaker Bhofal Chambers sat in jersey and stirring without any action from his players to shake his joyful emotions.

The two giants now are Nimba and Grand Kru to meet in the Final on Sunday.  By its physical and demographic size Grand Kru is small, but it is from there the career football President hails, thus making it the Goliath.  So, how certain is Nimba that it can make it to victory in an encounter between it and Grand Kru?  It is only through strong prayer and faith in God that David can be saved in Goliath’s hands.


  1. A nice sport story Sendolo,
    I expect the coastal boys to prevail over the interior boys in a match that will produce victory for the coastal boys in a final score of 3-1.

    • Grand Kru and Nmba , the only TWO THREE TIMES CHAMPIONS in the history of Liberia!!! That is a match to watch or listen to! But tradition must prevail! Guess what I mean! But again, sometimes tradition must step aside. Guess what I mean!

    • Good morning Uncle Hney,

      Why a replay between Maryland and Nimba, and why aren’t you happy for Nimba to win Maryland?

      By the way, I am still working on the title of the book to write about your lost love. I want the title to be so captivating to enable us to earn enough proceeds from it. I hope you will give Joe the rest of the story and that you will be willing to edit your own story. You are indeed a gifted writer.

      Have a nice weekend buddy! God bless you!

    • Good morning Joe,

      How pleasant it is to read you again. However, let me start by your complaint about Daddy.
      Oldman Moses is an accomplished man. He is proud of what he has achieved in you. It is with pride he sits by and see you accomplish tasks. He wants to know if his lessons were learnt well. Whenever you leave his house, he will have the assurance that his boy is coping well with the vicissitudes of life.
      You are not suffering Joe. Your uncle just used the word; you are being groomed. Most children are not privileged to have a dad like yours; cared for you from birth, clean you up, smelt your breath and pampered you, watched over your faltering steps, mold you to become good citizen of the world under God’s guidance.
      Appreciate him Joe. My regards to him. He is an accomplished man.

      My first title proposal:
      My Sizzling Whammy
      The Ivorian Diana

      Description of the cover
      The title “My Sizzling Whammy” will appear in bold letters and “The Ivorian Diana” in small inscriptions.
      I hope Uncle Hney still has a picture of the ‘apple of his eye”. I would like her most gorgeous and enticing photo to appear on the cover, looking down on her own physique to revigorated Uncle Hney to want to become a young man.

      Explanation of title
      The word ‘sizzling’ means a very exciting and passionate love story that one can never forget in one’s life. By the way, everyone experiences such passion at a given time in life, not only my uncle
      ‘Whammy’ means an event with a powerful and unpleasant effect; a big and unforgettable blow to Uncle Hney.

      And so “My Sizzling Whammy” is the exciting and passionate love story lived by Uncle Hney that took him to ecstasy, but which ended with great disappointment with the refusal of his soulmate’s parents, how sad.

      ‘The Ivorian Diana’ is just alluding to Prince Diana. Though his love did not pass away, but it was equally lost with great pains.

      But Joe, the girl’s parents were not kind to my Uncle at all. They should have at least listened and observed our Uncle with their daughter, aaaaaaaaaaaaah man!
      Sorry Uncle Hney but take heart and provide Joe with the details. He is good writer indeed. I want to be a critique of this love story.

      Peace to all Liberians out there! Cummings and apologists love and care for you! Stay safe!

  2. Uncle Dolo:

    your writing is beyond compare. But we are still awaiting your title. and thank you for the challenge that you put forth to Uncle Hney. I hope he will be willing to edit his own love story, and be objective.

    but from what I know about my fine Uncle, he will be willing to do due diligence to this piece of story that we are attempting to capture on paper.

    this is a love story that will be etched on readers’ mind forever. It will capture people’s imagination. People will want to know Uncle Hney. he will be a much sought after person. some will dislike him but many will like him for the bold and courageous stand that he took to regain his sanity.

    sorry, I am almost giving the story away, but that is what will keep happening, Uncle Dolo, as you delay with the title.

    My two favorite uncles, enjoy your weekend. As for me, my Oldman behind me whole day today to cut grass around the house while he sits in the shade and watch his only son to suffer. woe is me.


  3. No woe JM. Get that out of your system. You’re being well-groomed by your parents. You will be a stronger guy if you are not at the present time. I think you are. If you were a lazy guy, your dad would not have assigned a grass-cutting task.

    JM, be careful out there with those Liberian girls. Just tell any of them that you just returned from a trip in the US.

    Be good young guy.

  4. Comrade Dolo,
    I didn’t see your post of 1/25. I saw it today @1:58 pm. I think county league games are interesting. But during the semifinals, I think at least two games should be played.

    Have a great day in Abidjan buddy.


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