National Christian Taskforce Plans 3-Day Nation-Wide Fast & Prayer

Acting Chairperson, David Benitoe-web.jpg

In support of the fight against the deadly Ebola virus by the religious people across the country, the National Christian Taskforce has planned a three day nation wide fast and prayer aimed at praying for the eradication of the epidemic and presenting the nation to God.

“We have obediently and prayerfully set Thursday January 29 to Saturday January 31 2015 for the next united three days nation wide fast and prayer, to come to God as one people, to thank, worship and glorify Jesus all across Liberia,” the acting chairperson of the National Christian Taskforce, David Benitoe told news reporters.

Making the disclosure over the weekend at the Bethel Cathedral Church in Oldest Congo Town, Benitoe, said the primary purpose of the fast and prayer is to spiritually deal with spill-over issues of prior years and set the course of a new year for the nation.

“This is a nation wide fast and prayer, which means that believers in all the various counties will simultaneously fast and pray on the three days to God to restore normality to the nation and also eradicate this deadly virus from Liberia.”

“We pray that no vaccine that has not been proven safe for humans by the appropriate international regulatory bodies must be tested on Ebola free Liberians,” he warned.

He continued, “We must all come together in one place, in each city or town in one accord and in humility to publicly exalt and glorify Jesus all across the land on January 31, the final and third day of the fast and prayer.” 

Mr. Benitoe further disclosed that “God has warned that if we do not remain steadfast and consistent this time in prayer as a nation and people, we will see more difficult times then we have seen in recent past.”

He stressed that the evil ones are determined to trouble Liberia, but God is more determined to fight for Liberia if we, His people cooperate with Him, adding that, “We do not want to scare anyone, but as watchmen over the nation, the church must blow the trumpet to keep all awake and alert.”

“This time, we will strive to be more spiritually proactive than reactive as a church and people of God in our nation. We will not just look for solutions to problems, we should and will prevent problems as God directs.”

According to him, the focus point for the fast and prayer will be for us to repent, worship and thank God as well as asking for God’s perfect will to be done in Liberia.

“Only what God approves should happen in Liberia after this fast and prayer. Let God destroy every godless plan and permit only his plan for Liberia should stand,” he asserted.

Mr. Benitoe further stressed that the nation was vulnerable at this time and holding together as people and nation in prayer for a breakthrough would help us also for medical solutions to Ebola. 


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