National Bureau Of ECOWAS ‘Brown Card’ Sets Record Straight

Brown Card Regional Coordinator Nathan Kparklah

The department in ECOWAS responsible for issuing a particular document to those traveling by vehicle to member countries, ECOWAS Brown Card, has outlined the importance of obtaining or acquiring brown card for their vehicles as they traveling from one country to another.

Speaking to the Daily Observer recently, Nathan N. Kparkalah, Regional Coordinator of ECOWAS Brown Card National Bureau of Liberia assigned in Nimba, said the brown card provides security for any vehicle traveling with it in times of any problem, including accident or loss of the vehicle.

Mr. Kparklah said they are fully charged with the responsibility to assist any vehicle entering the country with a brown card in case of any problem involving damage, which might result from an accident.

“As long as you enter Liberia with a valid document from Brown Card Bureau and you get involved in any problem, we will be there to help solve the problem and ensure you are free,” he said.

“We will work along with the Liberia National Police whenever there is an accident or a property gets damaged, to make sure that the problem is solved,” he added.

He said the brown card cannot be issued to any car unless the car is insured, and whenever the car is insured and has a brown card, they are going to work with the car while in Liberia, underwriting the cost of any damage in consultation with their country of origin.

Mr. Kparklah explained that the brown cards are distributed among all the insurance companies in Liberia and the Ministry of Transport, so whenever you are processing your car document, you will be billed along with the brown card.

He also added that the ECOWAS Brown Card National Bureau is charged with the responsibility to monitor the movement of people across the border; making sure that citizens are protected equally in other country within the West African region.

The ECOWAS Brown Card office is one of the many offices at the Ganta Port of Entry, where men are posted to monitor the movement of cars, ensuring that vehicles carry the brown card while the office also monitors the movement of people.  


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