NASSCORP Employee, Ward, Found Dead in Ganta

The residence of Ms. Richmond and 13 year old Annie, where authorities had to cut open the steel door to discover their bodies Tuesday

An employee of the Ganta branch of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), identified as Viola Thompson Richmond, was found dead Tuesday in her apartment in Peace Community in Ganta, Nimba County. Also found dead was her ward, a 13-year-old girl identified as Annie Johnson. Annie was found dead in the bathroom. The door to the apartment was forced open.

The Daily Observer learned that Ms. Richmond had been working in Ganta since 2013.

According to her co-workers, Ms. Richmond was at work on Friday, March 10, but did not come to work on Monday, March 13.

On Tuesday, she was not seen again at work, prompting some of her co-workers to check on her at her residence.

The Daily Observer learned that when some of her co-workers got to Ms. Richmond’s house, the building was locked and they smelled offensive odor.

The police was immediately contacted, who instructed a welder to cut through the iron door to discover the two bodies.

A police source said 13-year-old Annie’s was found with her head in a drum of water in the bathroom. Both women were discovered naked, Richmond’s corpse found on the floor.

The two bodies were meanwhile deposited at a local funeral home in Ganta.

Nimba County Chief Detective James Kartoe said officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) are investigating the case.

Pauline Bawror, friend of the late Viola Richmond and some relatives were seen in tears when they learned about the deaths Ms. Richmond and the 13-year-old Johnson.

“She was my best friend and very good to me and it was through our friendship that I gave this girl to stay with her,” she said.

“It is very strange in this community and Ganta at large for people to be killed like this, where the house is locked and everything appeared to be sealed up,” said a sympathizer.

Some people suspected the deaths could have been caused by carbon monoxide from smaller generators, but the building is electrified.

The building where the two persons died is surrounded by other buildings, and many people said neighbors could have known about any tussle that might have happened there.

Ms. Richmond’s private vehicle is still parked in her garage.


  1. This will be a big challenge for Ganta Police who may not have the necessary requisite training to investigate such suspicious deaths. The police must do their best to find answers for the families who have lost loved ones. This type of investigation requires strict adherence to guidelines. They have to search for clues that identify the death as natural, suicide or homicide. In case of homicide, investigators must carefully collect evidence to help identify suspects and convict the murderers. Looking at the lock of well trained police crime scene investigators in places like Ganta, we may never find the perpetrators of this violent crime. This is strange in our community. I hope witnesses will come up with information to help the police.

    We need a a post mortem or autopsy so we can know the exact cause of death. Do we even have a pathologist in Liberia? This is the sad part of this kind of situation. I wish I was in Ganta to volunteer my expertise in this area of investigation. My heart goes out to the families of the bereaved, the employees of NASSCORP and residents of Peace Community of Ganta.

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