NASSCORP Donates 50,000 Notebooks to MOE

Deputy NASSCORP Director-General D. Nya Twayen, Jr. presents a sample of the textbooks to Deputy Education Minister for Instruction, Alexander Duopo, at the Ministerial Complex in Monrovia.

The National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), has donated fifty thousand (50,000) notebooks material to the Ministry of Education (MOE).

NASSCORP Deputy Director-General D. Nya Twayen, Jr., who made the presentation on Tuesday, said the donation was aimed at buttressing government’s effort in improving the educational sector of the country by making notebooks available for all students in the country.

He further revealed that the gesture also forms part of the institution’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate to produce these materials for students, particularly those most in needed.

Twayen explained that the materials, which were donated on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, on behalf of NASSCORP Director-General Dewitt vonBallmoos, would be distributed to students who are in need.

He said, “We decided under our corporate social responsibilities mandate for NASSCORP to produce fifty thousand (50,000) copybooks so that you at the MOE can distribute them to students who are in need.”

The Deputy NASSCORP Director-General further said that notebooks are designed particularly to inform students about NASSCORP so that when they grow up, they should know the value of social security and know the importance of social security in their lives.

Twayen expressed the hope that the notebooks will be distributed across the country and to students based on the MOE venting process.

Responding, the Deputy Education Minister for Instruction, Alexander Duopo, commended the NASSCORP for their humanitarian gesture.

“We are thrilled and want to express our heartfelt thanks to the Social Security family for such an initiative.  We do value this partnership and education is the heartbeat of President George M. Weah to see our children have quality education. I know our parents are struggling because of the interruption of the Covid-19 pandemic.” Deputy Minister Duopo added.

“This, he said, will greatly reduce the burden from our parents to ensure that our kids have the necessary schooling materials to go back to school.”


  1. People want to be paid their pension money when they retire from government or from the private sector and they should be paid a living wage. As it stands right now, NASSCORP give pensioners $25 every six months, that is, if you even get that money. Sometimes you go to the agency and you are told that your name is not in their system, which means all the money you contributed as an employee goes in vain. What is the agency doing with people’s money? I thought the money is supposed to be re-invested so that people would have access to funds when they retire? Bunch of thieves at NASSCORP from the MD all the way to the office-boy. I heard NASSCORP is the president’s piggy bank, he goes there whenever he needs money.


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