Nascent Solutions Launches Operations in Liberia


In an effort to alleviate poverty in rural Africa, Nascent Solutions Incorporated (NSI) on February 14, 2020, launched its operations in Liberia, particularly in Tubmanburg, Bomi County.

The initiative is aimed at helping poor and vulnerable people achieve self-sufficiency and assume total responsibility for their well-being.

The initiative will provide agricultural commodities, financial and technical assistance with the objectives of increasing school attendance and pupil attentiveness.

Inclusive in the initiative also is the provision of school meals for students and the sensitization of residents in poor and rural communities on the importance of child education, making of  school gardens (agriculture) to support and sustain school nutrition, respectively.

NSI, which is an international non-governmental organization (INGO), is in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Food for Peace International Food Relief Partnership  program (IFRP).

Truphena M. Choti, NSI Director of Education and Literacy, told journalists that IFRP will provide an opportunity for Nascent and its local partners to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition among children in African countries, including Liberia.

She said the organization will build the capacity of women, youth and empower them with the necessary skills and tools that will help them generate income and create opportunities for themselves, their communities and countries.

Ms. Choti, who spoke to journalists immediately after the launch of the initiative, said NSI has implemented programs in food security and agriculture, health and nutrition.

She added that, also included in the programs implemented by NSI are education and skills development and gender equality, which have impacted the lives of over 100,000 beneficiaries.

She said: “We have expertise in food aid procurement and distribution. With operations in Cameroon, Malawi, Zambia and Uganda, we have the capacity to engage with local communities and implement donor-funded programs.”

Ms. Choti continued: “We have just started an engagement with the government of Liberia through the various line Ministries, including Ministries of Education and Agriculture in order for us to know the priorities of the people.

We are looking forward to the government and other stakeholders for a larger conversation so that we can expand our programs.”

The NSI Director for Education and Literacy said her organization has trained over a thousand community leaders, including one thousand teachers that are teaching Agric-reading at elementary schools.

Choti concluded: “We have provided training as well as school supplies for children because we believe that when the children learn how to read at a tender age and they master it, they are likely to succeed and are not going to drop out of school. So we have a very holistic program that touches all facets of life.”

Nascent promotes self-reliance; harnessing the creative and entrepreneurial drive of rural women and youth, to problem solving.

It builds resilient local economies, and improve the quality of life for their families.


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