NAMBO Uncovers ‘Senator George Weah’s American Passport’

Biodata page of the passport allegedly belonging to CDC standard bearer, Sen. George M. Weah, made public by NAMBO

 -Says he’s “not qualified to run for president”


After a successful launch of the Coalition for Democratic Change political campaign on Saturday in Monrovia, the National Movement to support Boakai (NAMBO), yesterday announced that it has discovered that Senator George Weah holds an American Passport as an American and therefore he is not qualified to run for political office.

Chapter 22 of the Alien and Nationality Law of Liberia prohibits Liberian citizens from dual citizenship, or engaging in certain acts in foreign countries such as joining the armed forces or voting in elections.

The Alien and Nationality Law came into effect on May 15, 1973, with amendments on May 9, 1974. This statute also draws inspiration from Article 28 of the Constitution which states in relevant parts that “No citizen of the Republic shall be deprived of citizenship or nationality except as provided by law, and no person shall be denied the right to change citizenship or nationality.”

The law is clear at section 22.1 that “A person who is a citizen of Liberia whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose [their] citizenship…” by deliberately or consciously performing certain acts like naturalizing in a foreign country; pledging allegiance to a foreign country or a part of a foreign country; joining the armed services of a foreign country without the prior approval of the President of Liberia; voting in a political or sovereignty election in a foreign state or territory; and making a formal renunciation of Liberian nationality.
NAMBO said Senator Weah’s American passport has his surname WEAH and other names GEORGE MANNEH with his passport photograph clearly in evidence.

His date of birth on the passport is recorded as Oct. 1. 1966.

The Boakai support group revealed at a crowded press conference yesterday that the American Passport acquired by Senator Weah and the issuance dated was May 3, 2013, and will expire on May 2, 2023. The passport number is 5052523219.

Robert Kpadeh, NAMBO’s secretary-general said the evidence of dual nationality should be the legal ground to disqualify him from contesting the upcoming presidential elections.

NAMBO said it has already submitted the case to its legal counsel, Cllr. Benedict Sannoh, who will advise its next course of action.

“We have obtained a tangible document indicating that Senator Weah is an American citizen, and this is somebody who is respected in our body politics, and such document is a mockery of democracy,” Kpadeh said.

He noted that the revelation shows that Weah is in violation of the laws of Liberia, adding that the Montserrado County Senator should abandon his quest for the Liberian presidency and also resign his post as Senator of Montserrado County.

However, in reaction to the report, the office of the Senator Weah yesterday told the Daily Observer via mobile phone that it would robustly address itself to “NAMBO’s trash” at a later date.

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