Nagbe Defends Pres. Weah’s Construction Splurge

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Information Minister Eugene Nagbe: "No one is stopping them from using the law to call for the audit of the President."

— Says Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks all because they hate him.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe has defended the action of President George Weah to demolish and reconstruct his 9th street home, which is now been upgraded to presidential mansion status.

In a rather tough reply to the President’s critics about his 9th Street’s property in Monrovia, Minister Nagbe said the Weah’s critics are clueless in their attacks all because they hate him.

“He gained that property in 1993. In fact, someone else came and claimed that land, causing the President now to spend another US$75,000 to reclaim it. The value of the property has now climbed up to US$500,000,” Nagbe said.

Min. Nagbe added that Weah, not yet President then, entered a business deal with now Bomi District #1 Lawmaker, Edwin Melvin Snowe by using his 9th Street property as a hotel but later on the business ended because of the war.

However, Nagbe did not elaborate further on why the business with Rep. Snowe could not kick off after the war.

He also fails to talk about why President Weah did not redo his 9th street home while in the opposition for 12 years or after retiring from football instead when he became president.

“Some of them, I don’t know why they keep making so much unnecessary noise. Why have not they complained when Weah paid their school fees, including university degree expenses? He was not a rogue, but now he is. This is funny because the President has always been careful in using his money,” he said.

Min. Nagbe further defended President Weah’s construction of his Baptist Seminary real estate property along the Roberts Field highway.

According to Nagbe, the properties in question were undergoing construction before President Weah ascended to the presidency.

“Building takes time. Imagine it is almost two years now since he started rebuilding his property on 9th Street,” Min. Nagbe added. “If he was stealing money as claimed by his critics, he should have done with it since.”

Min. Nagbe defense of the President occurred during a phone-in interview with Kwame Weeks, Director General of the Liberia News Agency (LINA-government owned) and Boakai Fofana, Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) on the Super Morning Show on state radio ELBC.

Min. Nagbe also challenged  President Weah’s critics to come out with the facts if they have or use the relevant agencies and institutions to call for an audit of the finances used for the construction of the President’s private homes and business centers.

“The President’s accusers should just go through the rightful process. No one is stopping them from using the law to call for the audit of the President. The Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs is open to audit. In fact, the entire Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)’s government is open to any legitimate audit,” he said boastfully.

Min. Nagbe who spoke from the COVID-19 treatment center, the 14 military hospital is one of the top government officials who have come down with the coronavirus after coming in contact with the deceased boss of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency.

Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean and Deputy Inspector General for Administration at the Liberian National Police (LNP) are among several people being attended to at the 14th Military Hospital by health workers.

Before Min. Nagbe’s defense of President Weah, social media, and other platforms had been inundated with a barrage of criticisms against the President for spending vast sums of money in acquiring properties and constructing a string of apartments while millions of his people go to bed hungry.

On his official Facebook account, Mr. Isaac Tukpah Vah, former Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), USA, wrote: “Mr. President, People are hungry and dying and you are building mansion?”

Earlier, Deputy Press Secretary, Smith Toby told the public that Weah’s property on 9th Street belongs to his son, Timothy Weah but before long, Smith again resurfaced with a clarification that the property belongs to the President himself, rather than his son.

“I think to convince you further, we’ll get the transfer documents transferring that property that was demolished—remember that building was demolished and remolded by the current head of the property, so we need now to give you further clarity on it by giving you those transfer documents because that property is no longer in the name of the President,” Toby said.

But in less than 24 hours he was forced to withdraw his statement on the property, noting that “It was not the factual information”.

“Well, Smith did what he did because he wanted the public to understand well. However, I understand there was a challenge in presenting the information, but he did nothing wrong. The property is for the President. Timothy was born in 2000 and there has been no transfer of that property to him by his father,” Nagbe furthered in defense of the President.

According to the Information Minister, George has ever since made enough money from his footballing career and he has several other properties and investments outside of Liberia.

“He owns a huge property in Abidjan. He also owns a number of big properties in America. He has been very careful in using his money,” he said, adding, “The last time I checked I found out that the President owns 38 of the business stores in the commercial hub of Red Light. Imagine him collecting just the rent from those facilities, he is not a poor man.”

“It cost millions of United States dollars to finance a Presidential political campaign. That he never failed when he was in the opposition. At that time, he was not a criminal but now that he has become President and investing his own money right here at home, they have a lot of unfounded things to say. But that is their business. The President remains focused on kicking this coronavirus out of our country and improving the economy for the better life of each of our fellow citizens,” he said.


  1. Look @ this goon of an Aids patient who should be worried about his recovering from another virus lying helplessly on his hospital bed defending his demi god George weah. This idiot of a sycophant calling himself minister is nothing but a bootlicker desperately trying to survive at the expense of his critics. Liberia is just a sad country. Lord help that poor country of urs for real. What will you benefit from defending the loot of a man who just recently send criminals to light your house on fire? Eugene , you are a complete disgrace to the generation of today and a dying weakling. The ghost of Sam Bockarie of the former RUF of S/ Leone awaits your soon arrival in hell.

    • This contribution is intellectually low for this discourse. When will you people learn to debate without ma curse or personal attack. One thought you would have disproved Eugen’s submission that Weah is a wealthy man and is capable of undertaking the projects in question. Like liberians always do when they are not able to counter act a clever counter argument; curse bad curse. But you are not fair to Eugene. How many times will Weah “steal” to build those properties? We still remembered “Bring back our Money” campaign, at that time it was alledged that the missing containers of money was being used to built those houses. It is only liberians that will build liberia. We should stop black mailing people when they use their hard earned money to do something positive. Imagined how much Weah sweat to play for 85 million. Would you have invested 1000 Ld under Taylor or under Ellen, when you are opposition to her? Anyone who has knowledge of primary arithmetic will not trade in rumor to blackmail a man who was once worth 85 million! Although the damaged has been done to Eugene’s character, take this advice. When you are annoyed, wait for your head to cool before you talk or post. From your grammar, it obvious, you can do better.

  2. Mr. Moore, you are an absolute idiot and an underachiever. I see that you are jealous of the success of these young men and women in the CDC government. Nagbe is an accomplished politico, unlike you. He has arisen to this level and maintained his status in successive administrations. What have you accomplished? These young people are here to stay. And you can stay with your venom.

    • I, Jerome Gayman, I am a certified fool. I along with thousands of stupid Cedians brought upon the Liberian people this nightmare called President. I am uneducated and spend time finding words to use to underscore my relevance and loyalty to Mr Weah. Please, do not take my words for its insanity because what do you hope to get from insane followers whose only sterner is to hail the emperor for his new clothes which is of course a naked one. Do not waste your precious time responding to my sheepish comments.

  3. Nagbe is one of the praise singers,he is force to say this just to save face with Weah. We will instruct our lawmakers to initiate legal action against this mass acquisitions of wealth and properties within just two years in power.

  4. Mr Gayman or what ever you are call has just proven your stupidity in every aspect of a civilize life. You are trying to safe a job you don’t deserved in any manner or form. See your life, you are just one of those idiots in cyber space polluting the super highways. what a mad and arrogant kid venting his desperate anger at my post. Do you know this Nagbe more than I do, you something else ..

    Bootlicking for job should not be the hall mark , this hustler of a politician lying on others to gain relevance is a success in your understanding, just close it up and retire in your failed life. Failed talk show host writing under pseudo name. Eugene is a baggage that needs to be thrown into the dust bins and period. If you like, you can join him there as well.

  5. I am so disappointed in the information minister. wow, Liberian government officials lacks integrity. They are working for their selfish interest not interest of the poor ordinary Liberian that cannot afford a daily square meal.

  6. Well noted Mr. Nagbe. Your comments about issues affecting the hungry children of Liberia will be documented and archived.
    Note that no one is foolish enough to dare to audit the mighty King George at this time. He and others will be audited, there is no doubt about that.

    So, Minister Nagbe, when your president was paying people’s school fees, was it synonymous to buying their silence or was he befuddling them?
    Well, by him allowing you to be boastful of such humanitarian gestures on public radio is tantamount to earthly reward. The beneficiaries will take note and be ashamed of themselves of being born from poor families.

    The CDC promised FIXES, honorable minister. When will the FIXES begin? When you say FIXES, does it mean indebtedness of the country?
    As of January 2017, upon the ascension of CDC into office, the external debts of Liberia were 502.9 million United States dollars. In the second quarter of 2019, barely 2 years into your presidency, external debts were recorded at 850.85 million United States dollars. As of late, 2 IMF loans have been approved. It means the current external debt burdens of Liberia oscillate around 1.6 billion United States dollars.

    What achievements can be shown for those monies, honorable Minister Nagbe? Do you think all Liberians are stupid to believe your imprudent defense of the CDC?

    May God seal the four corners of every household in Liberia to protect our impoverished population against COVID-19.
    Long live Liberia, a land of liberty!

  7. All I can say is, there is time for everything under the sun!!! Liberia will not remain like this forever, astute young men and women will rise to give our mama land a face again…. I am optimistic about this! Long live our mother land!

  8. George Weah is a reckless idiot because no human being with common sense would be building mansions when the majority of his citizens can barely afford to put food on the table for their family. I know Liberians like to forgive but I highly doubt they will forgive him for this malfeasance. Now I’m convinced he has an IQ of a functional illiterate.

  9. Eugene has been and will continue to be a lunatic , a sycophant, a black mailer hustler , a back stabber , first class criminal etc. This guy has done lots of worse things in that poor country of ours than you can imagine. it was the same Eugene that created confusion between the national pool news paper and the Taylor NPFL press club, the same Eugene who dismantled the defunct NPRAG press club in rebel Taylor control Gbarnga, the same Eugene who masterminded the looting of the famous Greenland supermarket on the 4the street during the April 6 deadly war in Monrovia, the same Eugene who betrayed George Weah to robert Sirleaf during the monsterrado county senatorial elections, the same Eugene who spreading the HIV /aids around town, the same Eugene and his band of criminal associates chasing government opponents at night hours.

  10. Eugene Nagbe is mentally ill to think anyone would take his defense of the president as relevant. He is taking Weah to his ultimate end just as he did to Taylor. Shame on him!

  11. Eugene Nagbe:
    You are dead wrong on this issue. President Weah’s problem is internal…it is Weah v. Weah. Weah is a conflicted character in his own drama. If he were a wealth man, why didn’t he build his houses and mansions before becoming president? One of the expectations of becoming president is asset declaration, and Weah knew this. If he did not want to declare his assets, why did he take the job? He becomes president and in less than two years, amasses vast properties. Even if he were to open his bank book today and show the Liberian people where the money came from to erect those properties, there will still be many lingering questions and doubts in the people’s minds. And so, to avoid all of this, the president should have declared his assets. And Nagbe, you consistently call people who write or say something about the president haters. No one is a hater of the president. We just want honesty from the president. After all, he is the custodian of the nation’s resources. Furthermore, Nagbe, why can’t the president come out and defend himself against these allegations? It is always you, Cephus, Toweh and others. So Nagbe, cut the nonsense out about people hating the president. You are too decent for that.

  12. So, Eugene Nagbe is telling people to audit the president of Liberia?

    The full audit reports of the LD$16 Billion and US$25 Million dollars which was initiated by the government itself has not been disclosed to the public yet. And, as Minister of Information, he knows this fact.

    Yet, he is here insulting the intelligence of the Liberian people by telling them to go and audit the office of the president?


    If Eugene Nangbe wanted to really prove to the Liberian people that George Weah and other CDCians are transparent, they should have DECLARE THEIR ASSETS… from the moment they took office.

    Thare are lots of stupid people in Liberia, but everybody is not stupid.

    One very fine day, the audit you are wishing for, will come.

    Don’t worry Papa.

  13. These are some of the curses Liberia’s is going through today. The beauty of our leaders has become rick in our mouths. Due to political differences, someone will just jump up from his or her bed and arose public anger on unfound theories. All those that continue to misleads the public on erratics basis have no substantial evidence to support their stupidity claims. I am not a fanatic of President Weah, neither I am trying to sing praises unto him, but taking into consideration, GMW is one of the leading personalities in the world. What Liberia have for GMW to wilfully take into his personal possessions? A country that had fails to have befitting roads, schools and other necessity over the past 173 years of its existence. This is why our country will continue to deteriorate, because, our leaders always feels abuse and dishonor, if care not be taken will subsequently leads to brutal killing. The first and foremost thing we should be thankful is that these properties are here, we should also know that President Weah will not remain in power forever, after his tenure’s, he should be audited and if found culpable of diverting Liberians people money into these gigantic buildings, then the state reserve the right to take any necessary action against him. That’s why former president sirleaf can boastfully say that I do not build any house in my twelve years of ruling, because, sirleaf knowing full well of Liberia’s political system, any attempt she could made to undertake to such projects, could back fire as President Weah is going through today. That is why she did all her investment in other countries. President Weah trying to lead by example by investing into his own country’s has been met with stiff resistance.

  14. Mr. Nagbe, that is why he should have declared his assets to the nations but he refused; therefore you need to have integrity and morals and stop defending frauds. You represent the Liberian people.You are not a personal lawyer for George. Grow up and act like a real man not a bootliker. Didn’t George tell the world that the properties were for his son?

  15. Mr. Nagbe is a shameless and a disgraced to the nation. He is defending issues that do not warrant any debate. He knows very well that this president is a rogue. Upon his ascendancy to power president Weah refused the constitutional requirements of being transparent. He refused to tell the nation what he was taken over at the Central Bank of Liberia in terms of Government of Liberia aggregate balance of bank accounts. He also failed to declare his assets. All that we saw was his massive contradiction and acquisition of personal properties. Don’t forget that the chairman of his party disclosed that whenever the president took an official visit abroad gifts and money given to Liberia by some friendly nations the president would convert it to his personal use. So we know the sources of funds for his projects. So Mr. Nagbe, please find something to argue on and not defend a criminal.

  16. Here’s a question for Eugene Nagbe: If you see your benefactor wearing his right shoe on his left foot and the left shoe on his right foot, will you say “Excuse me, Sir …You’re not wearing your shoes properly.”? If you do call your benefactor to attention and criticize with intent to correct him, it shows that you’re a man of conscience and forthrightness. If you remain quiet simply because this benefactor paid your school fees yesterday, then you portray yourself not only as one who is unconscious of his environment but also as a person who is very disingenuous and sycophantic. A beneficiary who follows your logic is wittingly cheering for the downfall of his benefactor.

  17. There’s nothing else will fix Liberia except having these guys look into the barrel of a ‘g’ like Tolbert and Doe and maybe, only maybe will God Almighty send the right leader to cure this land or else, Liberia is done forever. Amen.

  18. Mr. President, build more houses. Don’t be deterred. That is what all Liberians should be doing. Thank you for the leadership and the example…Small minds only see small things due to the lack of innovation….Closed minds without imaginations….Complainers…

  19. Ben Nmah, Is that what you call innovation to steal from your people to benefit yourself? I see why Liberia will not go anywhere, because of small illiterate brain like yours and a boyfriend to Weah to suggest that what this president is doing is the right thing. Sleep good, because you will wake up one morning and history will repeat itself and you will not be saved from it, all of you good for nothing rogue.

    • You fraudulently claiming to be “Dortus Nimley Doe” but actually “Jackson Neal”, if what you are telling Ben Nmah is true, why during your years with the PRC, while serving at the Ministry of Education, you were placed on record for stealing? Why did Tipoteh expose your 25,000 theft under the Unity Party government? What happened with Chief Ayikaś thousands of US Dollars, you and your partner in crime Philip Banks stole in broad day light?

  20. “Black people cannot rule themselves because they don’t have the brain and mental capacity to govern a society … Give them guns, they would kill themselves; Give them power, they will steal all the government money; Give them independence and democracy; they will use it to promote tribalism, ethnicity, bigotry, hatred, killings, and wars!” ~ Pietier Williem Botha (South Africa, 1988). I believe this…

  21. “Dortus Nimely Die” aka “Jackson Neal” no matter whose name you try to use, the Liberian people are aware that you used your two boys children for ritual. And your Freetown wife was very devastated at such savagery and primitive conduct of yours. No one misspells his own name. The fact you would misspell the surname Doe which you claim to be your surname, proves you are NOT ANY “Dortus Nimley Doe”. If you do have conviction in what Williem says, why did you and your fellow bandits invade Liberia in 1985?

    • Looka pot calling teakettle black. You claim to know the identity of everybody else but Dortu Seboe Doe, right? Darn unconscienable cretin! It is vermin like you making the prospect for good governance in Liberia tedious and bleak. Yes, scatterbrain like you.


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