NaFAA Sets Record Straight on Senegalese Fisheries Deal

NaFAA Director General Mrs. Emma Glassco

-Says agreement is not yet finalized

Contrary to reports that Liberia has entered an unscrupulous fisheries agreement that licensed 300 Senegalese vessels to operate in the country’s territorial waters, the Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority NaFAA, Emma Glassco, has said that the fisheries deal is not yet complete but will require some diplomatic protocol.   

She stated that the deal, when finalized, stands to immensely benefit the country in the areas of jobs creation for local fishermen and in ensuring food security for Liberians as well as reduce illegal fishing.

Madam Glassco made the clarification yesterday in Monrovia at the Ministry of information Cultural and Tourism regular press briefing.

“Liberia stands to greatly benefit from the fisheries agreement even though it has to go through final stages of diplomatic protocol,” she said.

According to her the 300 fishing vessels earmarked under the agreement have not been licensed for business.

“We haven’t provided any of the fishing vessels license to operate in the country as was wrongly reported. This is a cooperation framework that the fishermen can decide. The government of Senegal has not paid us money to influence the decision. It is a protocol that protect the fishermen to do fishing as they are required the same treatment given to our local fishermen.

She mentioned that the coming of the fishermen is based on the limited available resources in the fishery sector.

“Fishery is managed by scientific evidence that require stock assessment. For example if we have 500 stacks that we intend to distribute to the different 400 fishing boats, we may think whether it is convenient to give out the remaining amount to additional vessels,” she said.     

She said that the agreement is meant to increase the availability of fish on the local market and to create more processing fishing facilities, adding that Liberia is the only country in the sub region whose fishery sector is underperforming.

“Liberia’s fishery sector is yet to contribute significantly to the gross domestic product as it account for only 3 percent. There is a need that Liberia compete with other West African countries on the catch of fish and its processing.

She further said that the agreement will also help to develop the aquaculture sector.

“We are seeking for opportunity that will attract investors to develop our aquaculture sector to enable rural people engage into fish farming.

Meanwhile, Madam Glassco has clarified that the agreement is not an initiative of the current administration but something that was proposed by the past government.

“This agreement is an access agreement that is in line with the Pro-Poor Agenda, particularly pillar 2 which relates to the enhancement of jobs creation. But it has been in progress since 2010 and was taken serious by our administration,” she added.


  1. This just tell you that wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire. Clearly she didn’t denied the 300 licenses and the fact that the agreement hasn’t be consummated by the Liberian Senate is good. President Weah shouldn’t be taking his ministers, directors generals abroad to sign concessions without the involvement of the Liberian Senate. Besides, it is good this story came to light and the Director General put on the defensive to defend the story. President Weah is not a leader and he’s being pull by the nose from every direction and I hope our country is not going to be mortgaged by this incompetent con man along with his bunch of thieves calling themselves government officials.

  2. Is this just another case of corruption or are we Liberians so incurably stupid? Even if we no longer have Steve Tolbert of Mesurado around to work his magic, Liberia could certainly organize a proper national fishing corporation to operate in our God-given territorial waters for the benefit of the nation. And we could hire the best professionals in the world to raise the capital needed and to manage such a corporation under first class supervision.

    It simply makes no sense at all to be inviting a country like Senegal to come exploit us to death in the name of brotherly love. Senegal has already exhausted its own stocks and will soon deplete ours, leaving Liberians still looking like the biggest fools in West Africa. My people, what is wrong with us?

  3. The Director General explanation that the agreement has not been finalized is silly . If it were not finalized what is the holdup?

  4. Consistently inconsistent is the order of the day in Liberia nowadays. Agreement Hans not been finalized, but yet you went in to sign some dummy agreement in the name of providing jobs for Liberians.
    Why we continued to act as people without any senses and we keep making other African countries to take us for fools? Look at the country called Senegal and just say is it Weah so desperate to sign agreements just to say oh yes I am making progress?Senegalese will never stand to do this for Liberia. Are you aware that French speaking Africans hate to see English Africans.
    First if all the reason that Senegal will like to exploit this leadership is for their own benefit. This country major income generation is Tiurism and the exporting of fisheries to Europe. Now these people intention is to come and gather and take Lobsters which are very expensive in Europe and Senegal. Fish also is expensive and all major hotels and restaurants in Senegal reap large amount of foreign currency for their country bothe USD and the Euros.
    Please do something better with our sea. The government can t
    Qrain Liberians and make available fishing boats. The processing of all fisheries could be done by Liberians and exported thereby creating high income revenues and employment. Stop thinking and acting little. Think big and avoid the steps to mortgage Liberia.

    John Mannah

  5. the Senegalese depleted their fisheries. Their neighbors Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania banned them from destroying their fish stocks so they skipped Guinea and came to the stupid Liberian president Weah to pilfer the rich Liberian shores. What will happen to the Kru (Weah’s tribe), Fanti, Vai tribes that fish the shores of Liberia? these huge vessels will clear out all of the fish specimen big and small and the eggs they produce. Most of the fish will be sold as fish oil and feed and not as culinary fish in other countries and back to Senegal. The poor antisenal fishermen will have to fish several nautical miles away from the shores in their canoes. They cannot COMPETE. How stupid is Liberia? STUPIDID=EST THAN STUPID=ER.

  6. What a shame for the Liberian government to think that Liberians will be employed by giving our resources to another country ,did they make a comprehensive study or they are just thinking abut the few that will benefit from it. What about the future generation ? Liberian are smart, let us do smart things, please stop the contract and save our resources .

  7. Did the government study the environmental impact from those 300 vessels? They will not only fish, they will dump toxic waste in our clean and blue water, they will pollute our water. Please do your due diligence and think about the health of the Liberian people.


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