NACA Brings Development to Cape Mount

Zoe Gray in action while Sando Sherman takes her picture_web.jpg

The National Association of Cape Mountaineans in America (NACA), based in the United States of America, has begun the initiative of renovating many of the schools in Cape Mount County, including the Vonzua Public School.

Speaking on Saturday, March 22, at a formal program held at the Vonzua Public School, part of the delegation and NACA’s chairman for education, Sando Sherman, said her organization would ensure that Cape Mount is the most developed county in the country.

Madam Sherman explained that they have unanimously agreed to give a new face to development of the people; especially in the area of education.

She added that they were proud to be Cape Mountaineans and members of the Vai tribe and promised that NACA would continue working hard to ensure the county and Liberia in general benefit from their endeavors.

She also disclosed that the organization was involved in agriculture projects in the Tewor District. The agricultural projects aim to empower the people of Cape Mount to produce their own food.

“We are currently working to restore our beautiful county to its original glory. The plan for building schools with international standards is already being carved out,” she stated.

According to Zoe Gray, one of NACA’s delegates, the organization will have a groundbreaking ceremony for its Early Learning Center later this year. The center would accommodate children in the county and build their foundation according to international standards.  

Madam Gray expressed thanks and gratitude to the people of Cape Mount, who gathered in their numbers to make the day a special one.

Another delegate, Mr. Christian Fahnbulleh, an engineer, explained that a parcel of land had been surveyed for the construction of a modern technology center in the county that would help make it into one of Liberia’s technological hubs.

Welcoming the initiative of the organization, Madeline Fahnbulleh, the Commissioner of Garwular District, expressed gratitude to the delegates for not forgetting were they came from and promised her support to make their dream of empowering the county a reality.

Commissioner Fahnbulleh said, “We need to say a big thank you for the many development initiatives that the county has begun to benefit from. We will continue to pledge our support to NACA while giving our best to the people of Cape Mount.”


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