Mysterious Railway Death in Kokoyah


The corpse of a 33 year-old man, identified by family members as Tutu-boy Jackson Suah, was on the morning of Wednesday, March 16, found cut in half and his head burst, lying on a train track in Kokoyah Statutory District, Bong County.

The incident occurred in the remote village of Kpai, at about 5:00 a.m., to the disbelief of the villagers.

The railway, operated by ArcelorMittal Liberia, originates at the Nimba Mountain and passes through Bong County to the Port City of Buchanan in Grand Bassa County.

According to a friend of the deceased who spoke to the Daily Observer via mobile phone from Botota, Kokoyah District Headquarters, the deceased reportedly left his home as early as 4:00 a.m. and told relatives he was going to his farm to get chicken and other food stuffs to contribute to his late mother’s-in-law feast, since indeed that fateful Wednesday was the feast.

Circumstances surrounding the death of Tutu-boy Jackson Suah are not established, but doubts are still on the minds of people as to how he could have been killed by the train at that hour.

“Looking at the position of the dead body, he might have apparently been lying down on the railway or train track sleeping when the train arrived,” one account observed, while looking at the photograph of the body.

According to the friend, there are pocket discussions in street corners in the town that late Tutu-boy Jackson Suah might have been murdered by wicked minded individuals, and dumped on the railway as a means of directing the responsibility of the death to ArcelorMittal.

“The vibration of the train is what can wake us up in the morning in this town; how much more somebody lying down on the rail tracks? I can’t believe my ears,” one neighbor challenged.

The deceased, a father of six, was a potential young farmer who raised chickens and other crops, the friend said.

Information from the district revealed that officials from AccerlorMittal have had two separate meetings with the bereaved family since the incident occurred on Wednesday, with the aim to find amicable solution to the situation.

According to the accounts, on the first day of meeting with the bereaved family, the company provided US$ 400 to the family and the townspeople in order to bury the victim, while waiting for negotiation with the bereaved family.

The Daily Observer was informed that there is a planned meeting between AccerlorMittal and the family of the deceased on Friday, March 18, to iron out everything.


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