Mysterious Death of Matthew Innis Leaves Heightened Suspicion of Foulplay

The late Matthew Innis, Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the CBL Regulation and Supervision Department

Perhaps the incident would have been passed off as just another hit and run accident involving an unknown speeding vehicle had it not involved an individual linked to the ongoing investigation concerning the missing billions and the US$25m cash infusion into the economy.

The individual reportedly killed in what is alleged to be a hit and run accident has been identified as Mathew J. Innis, Deputy Director for Micro-finance in the Central Bank of Liberia’s Regulation and Supervision Department.

He is said to have been just about the only staff member of the CBL who had openly expressed opposition not only to the commanding role played by Finance Minister Samuel Tweah in the US$25 million infusion exercise, but also to the manner in which the exercise was being handled outside regular and conventional banking procedures and practices.

But barely 3 days since the release of the PIT and Kroll report on the missing billions and the US$25m infusion exercise, Mr. Innis has been reported killed in circumstances that security sources say bear close parallels to the mysterious deaths of Harry Greaves and the NOCAL whistleblower, Cllr. Michael Allison.

The FrontPage Africa newspaper quoting family members say the deceased left home saying he was going to work which according to them was unusual for him on a Saturday. The FrontPage report quoting family sources further says that Innis family had unsuccessfully tried all day Saturday to reach him by mobile phone but failed in their attempts, never having heard from him until they learned that he had been involved in a hit and run accident around 2:00 a.m. early Sunday morning. The accident is said to have occurred in his neighborhood around the 72nd Junction.

The Daily Observer, upon learning of the incident contacted the family of the deceased. Family members confirm that Innis did leave for work on that fateful Saturday but had remained unreachable by mobile phone until reports of his death reached them.

According to informed sources, it appears that Innis was killed elsewhere and his body dumped in the vicinity of his home near the 72nd Junction. He was found near his car in a pair of shorts and a muscle t-shirt, laying near his car.  The family source remembers seeing bruises on Innis’ face and on one arm, though his car was undamaged. His laptop, mobile phone and other personal effects were later turned over to them by the police, they said.

The key questions being asked are: Why would Innis, being so close to home, get out his car at such an odd hour of the night? Were there witnesses at the scene when the incident took place? How long did it take between the incident and the time he was discovered by a group of young men who went to his home gate to inform his family members? Under what circumstances did the police decide to take Innis’ body to ELWA hospital?

Family members told the Daily Observer that, by the time they reached the scene where his body was found, the body had been removed by three police officers who took to the ELWA hospital. The family members followed the police officers there, where they saw Matthew Innis’ lifeless body for the first time.

The family members then took possession of the body and moved it to the Samuel A. Stryker Funeral Parlor for embalmment.

Family sources further say that they have since been informed by the Stryker Funeral Home that the Police had given instructions to refrain from embalming the body until an autopsy had been conducted.

Noting that such an exercise could take weeks, the family of the deceased told the Daily Observer that although the Police has since prevented them from taking delivery of the body for appropriate funeral rites and internment, the Police has made it clear that the family would have to shoulder the expenses involved for the prolonged stay of the body in the funeral parlor.

The family member who spoke to the Daily Observer declined to say whether or not their relative’s death might be linked to the just ended Presidential Investigation which has incriminated top officials of the Central Bank, the Justice Minister and the Finance Minister.

Meanwhile several attempts made by the Daily Observer to contact the Police through its spokes-person, Moses Carter, since Sunday, has proved futile.

However a former ranking Police officer (identity withheld) has told the Daily Observer that the Police account of the incident has just too many holes in it which leaves the public to rightly suspect that Mr. Innis may have been murdered by dark forces associated with some higher-ups.

The LNP officer observed that, in most cases, dead bodies found in the streets often remain there for days on end before removal by the Police, unless identified and claimed by a family member. He cited the case of the dead body of a man believed to have been a notorious armed robber which was left lying and decaying not far from the Bedell Funeral Parlor on the Airfield by-road for days before it was finally removed.

The family of the deceased for their part, has  maintained that they do not have the kind of money required to keep their relative’s body for weeks pending an official autopsy by the government of Liberia although, the conduct of an autopsy to determine the actual cause of death is a step in the right direction.

It can be recalled that a few years back during the reign of President Sirleaf, Monrovia was gripped with shock and horror following the mysterious but brutal death, attributed to drowning, of Harry A. Greaves, who had begun to blow the whistle on some shady deals allegedly involving the former President.

In similar fashion too was the death of NOCAL whistleblower Cll. Michael Allison who had blown the whistle on deals involving Robert Sirleaf, son of the former President. Cllr. Allison’s death like that of Harry Greaves was attributed to drowning.

Meanwhile, investigation continues.


  1. Eventhough a dead man does not tell tales, some Liberian think that truth can be hidden with a little cover-up. But as time goes by, other Liberian will see the truth, it will revealed, and what is hidden fades away.
    To the family of Mr. Innis, bear tears, it is a difficult time for you.
    Nothing remains in the dark forever.

  2. Condolences to the family of Mr. Innis, meanwhile, it would seem this reporter has already provided a motive for his death:

    “He is said to have been just about the only member of the CBL who had only expressed opposition to the commanding role played by Finance Minister Tweah in the USD $25 million exercise but also in the manner in which the exercise was being handled outside regular and conventional banking procedures and practices”.

    God only knows why this writer believes such “opposition” ought to be significant as reason for killing a man who, after al, was CBL’s Deputy Director for Micro-Finance and therefore was entitled to express his professional opinion.

    Media outlets ran a wild goose story about government’s involvement in the death of Journalist Tyrone Browne after his killer sensing tension between the government and the press asked a uniformed security guard to help dump Tyron before his own house at a time neighbors would see and mistake the uniformed security guard for a cop. Please, let the police investigate, because discrediting their impartiality by innuendos would affect credibility of any future investigation.

  3. What credibility? The credibility of this inquest is already compromised, Mr. Baghdad Moses. The fact that the police removed the body from the alleged crime scene in the absence of experts, people like coroners or in our case CID trained in this kind of investigation, is tantamount to tampering or contamination. The findings from this kind of shoddy investigation may not hold in any competent court of law for that matter.

    And autopsy is a welcomed relief in deaths like this, in a society rife with superstition, witchcraft, voodooism, or where any and all misfortunes are attributed to some invisible hands. And when the government detains the body for autopsy for as long as it will take and at the same time requires the family to foot the storage fee, that is not only coldhearted but in fact, heartless!

    Also, and by the way, Liberian newspapers and other media platforms have the right to speculate in these instances and why? Because the history of previous investigations have been shoddy, tacky and disreputable. So that’s one way of challenging those third-rate “investigators” to do better.

    In this particular instance and specific to your lamentation, does it not register with you that this man may have been “eliminated” because he “knew too much” about who did what in this money deedeeba? Only diehard sycophants would see it otherwise.

  4. Fake high-strung Hilary Snyder, alias wacko journalist,

    The shrilly response to a reasonable comment leaves no doubt recent rumors that the death of Mr. Matthew Innis was “officially sanctioned” came from your crowd of anti-establishment malecontents. But, by now, you should’ve realized that the silly tactics of silencing sceptics of such one-sided narratives with accusations of sycophancy don’t work with me.

    Fake wacko Snyder, despite that smartalecky persona, journalistic value is about self-restraint and you don’t have it. Frankly, double and triple agents are the problem, not solution in ensuring that national concord indispensable to discussing Liberia’s challenges. As the late US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously noted: “You are entitled to your opinion, but not to your own facts”. When will you get it?

    • That’s the one constant and sad truth about scoundrels like you, Sylvester Baghdad Moses. I debunked your vacuous lamentation over the integrity of this so-called investigation in this case, and your response is a gripe about calling out your sycophantic fanaticism?

      How about my point that the reckless handling of the body by clueless police officers already compromised the outcome of this investigation? How about the point that this man was allegedly killed because of his opposition to the unconventional method of the disbursement of the $25M to wheelbarrow money changers, instead of through the commercial banks? How about the point that the sway or what you called “partiality” of the writer of this article, could have been influenced by past experiences wherein crimes or individuals said to investigated, the results of said “investigations” if ever done, never saw the light of day? Did you expect everybody, journalists and all, to continue to be as gullible as you and fellow sycophants?

      None of those points tickled or aroused your unhinged reaction but some trivial allusion to your congenital sycophancy? That’s a poignant attribute of the truth, it hurts! And we just happen to be messengers in that regard. So get with the program, Mr. Baghdad Moses. This is your second and last chance.

  5. May his soul rest in perfect peace. May the bereaved family of Matthew Innis be strengthened.

    For your comfort: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding”.



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