Mysterious Death in Haindii

The late Konah Jallah prior to his death.

A 42-year-old man, Konah Jallah, appeared in Haindii from Mawua Town, with wounds on his body and physically weak, as he struggled to walk with the help of a stick to reach his final destination. He knew that at least his plight could now be heard as he had reached his home and would be able to explain his ordeal to his relatives in Haindii, according to eyewitnesses.

Shortly after explaining his ordeal, Jallah was transported to Haindii Clinic, but nurses immediately referred him to Bong Mines Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

In his “dying declaration,” Jallah informed Haindii elder Genewo that ten men were responsible for his condition, because they had earlier suspected him of having beaten his uncle and that he must therefore pay a fine in keeping with rules governing tradition in the area. One of the traditional rules forbid fighting in the town.

Although the town chief had earlier fined Jallah for breaking the law, his assailants went ahead and instituted extra measures by beating him, rendering him virtually helpless until his death on November 15, 2018.

The incident occurred in the outskirts of Mawua Town recently.

Meanwhile, officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) assigned in the area have arrested those accused of allegedly beating Jallah before his death. Some of the suspects were identified as Prince Gomoi Jallah, William Moses, Junior Takpayon and Zela Nelson, all residents of Mawua Town.

Until the men were arrested, no one could establish the cause of Jallah’s mysterious death; but before he died, it was being speculated that there must have been hidden agendas that prompted the reported action of the accused.

“Their alleged agenda will be exposed and proven by law through our legal authorities who have already arrested four suspects in connection to the death,” one eyewitness said.

Up to the publication of this story, none of the four prime suspects have admitted to the crime, but police say investigation continues.


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