“My Watchman” Mobile Security, Properties Monitoring App Goes Live On Google Play

My-Watchman is poised to deliver a collection of emergency response services including in case of medical, security, fire, domestic/sexual violence and road-side assistance.

Advanced Converged Technologies (ACT), a technology company with regional offices in Liberia, will today, Monday, January 18, 2021, release its new mobile phone application system on Google Play Store.

My Watchman©, a registered trademark of Advanced Converged Technologies LLC (ACT), a technology company with regional offices in Liberia, will now provide subscribers the opportunity to purchase their apps on the Google Play Store.

The service is a reliable, easy to use SOS / 911 Mobile App with 24/7 secured monitoring and an emergency dispatch command center.

In the case of a medical or fire emergency, or when your personal safety is threatened, a push of the emergency button on the app “will instantly alert our command center. We will call you immediately and promptly dispatch emergency responders based on your SOS.

Mr. Oliver Wleh Klark, Jr., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ACT, told the Daily Observer over the weekend that more than 2,000 persons have pre-signed up for the service, which is designed to provide users with fast, convenient, real-time access to critical emergency services.

“Do not leave the security and well-being of your family to chance,” Mr. Klark said. “Our network of 24/7 service providers and trained dispatchers, working around the clock in a state-of-the-art emergency dispatch command center, and in collaboration with local first responders, we will ensure that you get the help you need when you need it!”

With the My Watchman™ app, emergency incidents are acted upon in real-time. The combination of smart technology and a network of mobile service providers creates unprecedented efficiency to help protect you and your loved ones 24/7.”

For Security Emergency Response Service, My Watchman has partnered with Pilot Security Consultancy, headed by Mr. Abraham Kromah, former Deputy Inspector General of Police for Operations, Republic of Liberia. Pilot Security is the primary security emergency response provider. My Watchman security response unit is divided into zones and are mobile.

For Medical Emergency Response, the company has partnered with the Ministry of Health (Emergency Management Team) and private ambulance service providers. This network of ambulances gives My Watchman the ability to promptly respond to medical emergencies raised from the app.

Screenshot of the My-Watchman app shows the various services available with the push of a button.

“For Fire Emergency Response, we are partnering with the new, improved, and decentralized Liberia National Fire Service,” Klark explains. “Through our partnership, we have enabled the Liberia National Fire Service decentralization goal by helping with the renovation of the Point Four/Bong Mines Bridge Fire Station and the Steven Tolbert Estate Fire Station, as well as the placement of fire engines at those locations and another additional three locations including Sinkor, Rehab Road, and Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County.”

He said the sole purpose of the app is to make it easier for users to ‘call’ for and get immediate help in problematic situations, with just a single click of a button on their smartphone.

My Watchman currently offers four (4) services. The four (4) services offered are Security Emergency Response Service, Medical Emergency Response Service, Fire Emergency Response Service and SGBV Hotline and Emergency Response Service.

“For Roadside Assistance (coming March 2021), we have a network of service providers including gas stations, tire repair shops, mechanics, and tow trucks.”

However, all our subscribers, regardless of their plan, will have access to all the services offered.

My Watchman service is currently delivered in three (3) packages, ranging from US$20 to US$50. According to Klark, those who signup for the app within the next 3 months and get the first month free.

“My Watchman App has some cool features and functions that make it very useful to our clients. Some of these features and functions are the ability to add multiple addresses, community members, and sub-users.

“When you raise an SOS from your phone, the command center is alerted, and help is dispatched promptly. Your Community is also alerted. Your Community is a feature within the My Watchman™ app that allows you to build your own community of ‘EMERGENCY CONTACTS’. Whenever you raise an SOS, your emergency contact(s) will be notified, and your location will be shared with them on the app.”

Klark says “The app uses GPS to pin a user’s location when an SOS is raised. That information is then shared via the system with the nearest responders in our network, allowing them to find you quickly.”

“Once your emergency has been assigned to the responder nearest to you, you will see who is coming to your rescue. The responder will know your ‘exact’ location and will be guided by the app to you. You will be able to see the responder progress towards you in REAL TIME.”

The app will display the Responder’s picture, name, contact information, and ETA.

He said the responder will also be able to see the Client’s picture, name, and location and contact information.

SGBV response

One of the key emergency response services offered by My Watchman™ is the SGBV Hotline and Emergency Response, he added.

Klark explains that My Watchman™ has been very supportive of SGBV campaigns to create awareness and educate the public on the subject. As you may recall, President declared rape a national emergency a few months ago.

He said based on the subscription plan, the My Watchman app will allow the user to add one or more additional users to their account.

“A sub-user can be your spouse, children, friends, etc. who will have a sub-account within your account. That person will be able to raise SOS from wherever they are. When a sub-user raises an SOS, you will be notified, and their location will be shared with you on the app,” he maintained.

When asked, why Liberia and why now, Mr. Klark answered: “Liberia is home! Liberia also happens to be a perfect place to launch such an app. With a maturing democracy and her size, this makes it a prime location to develop, test, and scale such an app like My Watchman™ from a proof-of-concept perspective. We are leveraging the unique positioning of Liberia as the 1st step in our Africa expansion strategy.”

“Why not now is the question. We just had a peaceful transition of power in over 70yrs in 2018. I have been in the business vertical for the last 10 plus years and reached a maturation point in terms of understanding the deep-rooted problems and BIG questions that need to be answered.” The app is now available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download. Get more information by visiting https://www.my-watchman.com.


  1. At least the “road-side services” is the most welcoming one in my opinion. But “Fire Service”, hmmm O My God… ex Buchanan with one depot situated at the Administrative Building to serve Bassa, n probably Rivercess?
    Good initiative sir, but I believe Fire Service will be one of the first to start disappointing us — however, I give u a very big kudos for the initiative!


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