“My Gov’t Will Pay Vulnerable Liberians”

-Cllr. Brumskine says as he introduces Karnwea as running mate


The presidential hopeful of the opposition Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, has said that he will  win the 2017 Presidential Elections and  that thereafter ‘’my  government will provide monthly money for every poor Liberian so he or she will not starve from hunger anymore.”

Cllr. Brumskine made the statement last Sunday in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County when he introduced Mr. Harrison Karnwea as the Liberty Party’s vice political leader and his running mate in the elections.

Cllr. Brumskine said he will reduce taxes to enable his dream and vision of providing the monthly money for those he referred to as “poor Liberians,” whom he said cannot afford money or jobs to sustain themselves.

He reiterated that the people of Liberia have been suffering for decades because past governments increased taxes without sustaining “unfortunate people” in rural and urban Liberia from the fruits of the taxes they paid, and continue to pay to the government.

He expressed his commitment to empower and build the capacity of young people by providing quality and equal education, good healthcare, and socioeconomic and infrastructural development for the transformation of postwar Liberia and “our unfortunate people from their paid taxes.”

Brumskine emphasized that his priority will be to unite and reconcile the people of Liberia so they can all forge ahead for the reconstruction of Liberia so the country can regain and retain her rightful national and international recognition.

During the occasion, partisans and well-wishers wholeheartedly endorsed Mr. Karnwea and promised to work with Cllr. Brumskine and his running mate for the party’s victory in the 2017 general elections so that “together they can make Liberia better.”

Speaking at the colorful occasion, Mr. Karnwea, who hails from Nimba County, thanked Cllr. Brumskine and the party for choosing and accepting him as their vice political leader and promised to uphold the confidence reposed in him and the people of Nimba County.


  1. Cllr.Brumskine,
    could you please tell us how you are going to pay for all of your free-bees. Lets see your economic plan sir. This is not the time for free talk . For too long , Liberians have been lied to. we have had these same old lies for the past 12 years. Can you please sir, show us your plan.

    • E.T.L; thanks! good question. Under Liberia’s current Economic Climate, I find it impossible; for Liberia to afford such gross welfare system. Elections time is a desperate. Anyone will say anything, to get elected to the highest office. Show me the money. Let’s talk jobs creation first. It takes money; lots of MONEY.

    • It’s all talk.. These people are misguided by their elites firm of mine. Mr. Want to be president, Liberians are not asking for handouts, Liberians wants the chance of opportunities. Whether it’s through the goverment or the private sector. Just be a leader, a leader that will put in place the various mechanisms that’ll creates opportunities for all Liberian.

  2. Tyson, don’t you know a diabolical lie when you see one? Brumskine is not honest in his promise to provide free money for impoverished Liberians. This is another mockery, no wonder why he keeps losing and he will miserably suffer another defeat come October, 2017. These guys think our people our stupid, that they will say anything that comes to their deceitful minds to gain supports. I am sorry, Cllr. keep your lies to yourself, it won’t work on us this time.

  3. Mr. Brumskine is very desperate for the presidency of Liberia so he is making unrealistic promise of paying impoverish Liberian monthly salary. How possible can this be when 60 % of the population living in poverty in the country? Do you have the money to sustain the budget every year in order to commit yourself to such promise? No amount of unreasonable promises by Mr. Brumskine will give him the presidency of Liberia.

  4. This is a big ly because the country infrastructures recovery, industrial,and revenue bases are very poor.Most of the country budget is substantially subsidy by forign government.

  5. Mr. Brumskine,
    Have you thought about how many times you have lied to the Grand Bassa people to be precise, not mentioning the entire country though. Its evident but you simply choose to ignored it. Do you have to become a President before you can help the lower class citizen, the people you described as poor liberian. If giving people monthly allowances is one of your party’s policies, its implementation strategy by means of tax reduction is vary contradicting and appears vague Mr Brumskine!!!! It doesn’t work that way Sir….. On the one hand you intend to “reduced taxes and provide every poor people with monthly money”. You are just ignoring the fact that when taxes are cut it reduces the government’s revenue.
    My question Sir, What system or policy do you have in placed or intend to introduce to keep track of tax payers’ fund and that those money be use appropriately and every cent be accounted for?
    We’re suffering from most you guys bloody lies.

  6. Brumskine is either retarded or he’s accepted so much corrupt monies from Ellen that it clouds his judgement. Here’s a suggestion: nobody in da poor country’s gov’t should make more than $1000/month. For details read “THE MODERNIZATION GUIDE FOR LIBERIA”

  7. This is where Liberians will decide who Mr. Brumskine is. Why did he put up such a statement with out his economic comprehensive Plan that supports his poverty welfare System? How will his Government enlist Liberians who are poor or rich when 85% of the Nation’s Citizens are Jobless? I am very surprise of this lie. Liberians need a real Leader with experience and managerial skills. Let us bring in ABC, Alex B. Cummings of the ANC. He has what it takes to bring Liberians from POVERTY. Sorry Liberians, we do not need another Donald Trump in Liberia.

  8. The guy is an Ellen clone – they just love to expel hot air.

    Let him first talk about how jobs can be created for the hundreds of thousands of employable people in the country.

  9. Gentlemen, we all need to understand that what clkr. Brumskine spoked about is workable. Now, we are buying luxurious vehicles for ministers, directors, Majors, Lawmakers, Vice President, president etc…
    Cllr. Brumskine is saying; the money government will used in paying housing allowances for lawmakers and ministers, they are going to stop that and redirect that money to those old folks and are not employable. You need to take you own time and read the economic policy of the Liberty Party so that some you guys can clearly our vision for this country and how we intend to lead.

  10. Clr. Charles Walker, May i please ask you one single question? Please tell us first where the money will come from, how many vulnerable Liberians are there and how will this payment be done?


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