MVTC Seeks Autonomous Status

Campus of the MVTC hosts over 300 trainees and faculty staff.

The Joint Committee on Education, Youth and Sports and the Judiciary of the House of Representatives is reviewing a Bill to make the Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC) an autonomous (self-governing) agency.

The draft law aims to detach the MVTC from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

MVTC is a governmental institution managed and supervised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is located on the Somalia Drive, in Paynesville, outside Monrovia. The institution is the country’s largest vocational training center, with an aim to empower young people through skills training.

Members of the House of Representatives during the 43rd day sitting on Thursday, July 5, forwarded the Act to the Joint Committee following a communication from Representative Jimmy Smith of Montserrado County District #2.

“It will interest you to note that the MVTC, which is considered the largest vocational training center in our nation, is not given the appropriate attention and support by authorities at the Ministry of Youth and Sports to allow our youth get quality technical vocational education,” the communication said.

“After a detailed research and analysis, I have come to realize that this is due to a bureaucratic bottleneck system at the Ministry of Youths and Sports that does not allow MVTC Director or any administrator to access funds the institution generate, least to talk about teachers’ payment, except the minister and his/her deputies at the Ministry of Youths and Sports,” Smith’s communication said

Rep. Smith added, “I have also realized that MVTC under the supervision of the Ministry of Youths and Sports does not have an Act or Board of Directors, before we talk about the exploration of any possibility for sisterly relationship with other international technical institutions.”

Further, Smith said: “This bureaucratic system has gone to the extent that even the MVTC’s director and his deputies cannot approve a petty cash for hygienic purpose, not even to purchase educational materials to benefit the students, except the Minister of Youths & Sports and his/her deputies.”

He argued that granting the institution an autonomous status will greatly speed up its importance and give students the necessary quality technical vocational education that is needed to rebuild the nation.

In 2015, the Government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) constructed new buildings and refurbished the compound. The MVTC, which covers 6,000 square meters, is equipped with sufficient and modern facilities, including designs to meet the needs of training more young Liberians. It has one teaching, laboratory, administrative building each for training purposes and two dormitories for faculty and students with a library which can host 300 persons at a time.


  1. The William V.S. Tubman High School, BWI and other schools may also want to seek autonomous status if MVTC is granted autonomous status. Do we really want every educational institution becoming an autonomous agency? Can they generate enough funds to sustain themselves? The bureaucratic bottleneck system issue raised by Rep. Jimmy Smith if adequately resolved and a proper management system put in place, there will be no need for an autonomous status for the MVTC. Let’s be careful.


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