‘Muster Courage,’ Costa Tells Crowd As He Arrives in Monrovia

Henry Costa arrives in Monrovia, May 16, 2019, to huge fanfare

–As his arrival creates traffic grid

By Rita Lablah (Intern)

Political commentator and radio talk show host, Henry P. Costa, who owns Roots FM 102.7, arrived in the country on Thursday, May 15, 2019, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to an elaborate rousing welcome characterized by dancing and singing as supporters conveyed him from the Robert International Airport (RIA) in Lower Margibi County to central Monrovia chanting political songs.

Costa arrived from the USA in keeping with protocols of the planned June 7 “peaceful protest” organized by the Council of Patriots (COP).

Before his aircraft touched down at the RIA, Costa’s supporters in joyous mood had divided themselves into segments with some posted at the “Vamoma Guest House” where he later joined the group that marched with him on foot to Carey Street, downtown Monrovia, causing traffic gridlock. His supporters and sympathizers barricaded him, singing and dancing raising the chorus, “Our hero, our hero has arrived,” an echoed that vibrated throughout the city, leaving residents standing agape.

As some supporters expressed dismay about the economy, a Costa supporter, Wesley Momo, informed the Daily Observer that his excitement to receive Mr. Costa is based on the masses’ disappointment in the leadership of President George Weah who, Momo claimed, had disappointed them in a short period of time by unleashing untold suffering upon the country.

Costa, who spoke at the teeming crowd’s final stop on Carey Street, expressed gratitude for the “historic welcome,” noting, “What make me happy today is the biggest gathering that I have ever seen for the first time in my entire life. This is not about me, but Liberia; therefore you are victorious; you prove your love for the country; that is why you are here!”

“You are standing with one of your own; a patriot because the man some of you voted into office, because you thought he was a good man, has in no time failed the country taking into consideration the uncontrollable prices of goods and services, “marred by gross corruption, which the international community has acknowledged.”

“So I say to you that the number today is just a prelude to the one that will welcome the June 7 “peaceful protest” under the theme #Save the State.” Save the State from corruption, bad economy, abused of constitution and massive economic failure.”


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