‘Muster Courage,’ Costa Tells Crowd As He Arrives in Monrovia

Henry Costa arrives in Monrovia, May 16, 2019, to huge fanfare

–As his arrival creates traffic grid

By Rita Lablah (Intern)

Political commentator and radio talk show host, Henry P. Costa, who owns Roots FM 102.7, arrived in the country on Thursday, May 15, 2019, between 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to an elaborate rousing welcome characterized by dancing and singing as supporters conveyed him from the Robert International Airport (RIA) in Lower Margibi County to central Monrovia chanting political songs.

Costa arrived from the USA in keeping with protocols of the planned June 7 “peaceful protest” organized by the Council of Patriots (COP).

Before his aircraft touched down at the RIA, Costa’s supporters in joyous mood had divided themselves into segments with some posted at the “Vamoma Guest House” where he later joined the group that marched with him on foot to Carey Street, downtown Monrovia, causing traffic gridlock. His supporters and sympathizers barricaded him, singing and dancing raising the chorus, “Our hero, our hero has arrived,” an echoed that vibrated throughout the city, leaving residents standing agape.

As some supporters expressed dismay about the economy, a Costa supporter, Wesley Momo, informed the Daily Observer that his excitement to receive Mr. Costa is based on the masses’ disappointment in the leadership of President George Weah who, Momo claimed, had disappointed them in a short period of time by unleashing untold suffering upon the country.

Costa, who spoke at the teeming crowd’s final stop on Carey Street, expressed gratitude for the “historic welcome,” noting, “What make me happy today is the biggest gathering that I have ever seen for the first time in my entire life. This is not about me, but Liberia; therefore you are victorious; you prove your love for the country; that is why you are here!”

“You are standing with one of your own; a patriot because the man some of you voted into office, because you thought he was a good man, has in no time failed the country taking into consideration the uncontrollable prices of goods and services, “marred by gross corruption, which the international community has acknowledged.”

“So I say to you that the number today is just a prelude to the one that will welcome the June 7 “peaceful protest” under the theme #Save the State.” Save the State from corruption, bad economy, abused of constitution and massive economic failure.”


  1. Costa left you in Liberia and enjoyed himself with his families in America and you stand in the streets hungry to welcome him back. Don’t worry because he can not do anything for you and once he gets what he’s looking for, you will never see or hear him again.

  2. Henry Costa Coming To Town: reminiscent of the mid 70s…early 80s.

    This looks like DEJAVU..(French: live through the present before), or have seen it before.
    When the late Baccus Matthew and the PPP arrived in Liberia in the mid 70s, I wasn’t around. Later I resaerched and found out that the Liberian People openly welcome the idea, that at least, someone has come to stand for the masses. It resulted into the April 14, 1979 Rice Riot, which rusulted in the killing of William R. Tolber Jr. on April 12, 1980.

    Dec.24, 1989, ( Christmas Eve). Taylor entered Liberia to remove President Doe from power. We all saw what it brought to the masses.

    The Council of Patriots staging a ‘peaceful demonstration’ under the PSEUDO BANNER: Save The State.
    In all three episodes, are individuals who were/are fighting to gain state power at all cost.
    If the aim is to make this present government fail, the Liberian People have had enough bitter past.

    The Liberian People have the right to demonstrate, however; fail politicians who are MASQUERADING as “patriots”have plunged this nation into chaos, for their own selfish greed. The spill over effect is now lingering, with the broken pieces to be picked up by the masses. Everyone of those high ranking PSEUDO COUNCIL of Patriots, lack substance to move Liberia foward. They are fighting to get there and line there pockets and increase the number of ZEROS on their bank accounts. With the massive iliterate population, the people can fall for any scam.

    Only in Liberia I have seen being an opposition politician, means being an ANARCHIST.

    TOWN TRAP IS NOT FOR RAT ALONE. The Chief himself has to be very careful.

  3. Correction: only in Liberia being an opposition means being an ANARCHIST
    Right form: only in Liberia being an opposition is bieng an ANARCHIST.

  4. Liberians, do you see how journalist Costa is pulling crowd?
    That’s just one of the traps Ellen left for Weah. You allow the country to blindly plunge into another treacherous snare. Beware, “the ides of March” may be June 7.
    Dear God, why Weah?
    May God deliver Liberia, Amen!

  5. Henry Costa doesn’t have any skills and is unable to get a decent job in the United States. It’s so sad to see him return to my hometown and receive such a welcome. We have to ask ourselves: How can he help Liberia; when he’s begging on GoFundMe? What has he done other than sit on his computer in his pajamas and criticize others that are actually doing things?

    • I left Liberia in 1989 and returned in 2009. I must say I have been highly disappointed. I am no Wean fan but it saddens me to see Liberians clustering for a man who has no qualifications other than fostering his own personal agenda. Costa is the alternative? Liberians will never cease to amaze me. Oldest republic and we have absolutely nothing to show for it.

    • Mr Davis. MAHATMA GHANDI did not have a good job but what did he do for India? MARTIN LUTHER KING did not have a good job but what did he do for the Civil Rights Act of 1964? i dare you to respond to what i have said.

  6. Are the people gathered to receive Mr Henry Costa for the presidency? No. The people gathered to receive this young man simply because of his timely exposure of the government in her shandy deals. Deal like the RIA contract, the fishery, the prediction of salary not pay on time in the month of June, the taking of the commercial banks money including Nassco and other important information’s to the public,the construction of the president many mansions. The violation of the PPCC law. This alone had made this guy a hero among his listeners, so you like it or not he is their hero. A talk show man standing against the most popular man in the country telling him about all his bag deals he is doing that is welcoming, remember this talk show man supported this president for almost nine months.

  7. Government administrations that do not learn their lessons from the Bad History of 1979, 1980, 1985, and 1989 may probably have to deal with a repeat of this type of Bad History.

    I remember vividly well, in the early morning hours of April 12, 1980 — around about 4:55 AM — in his closing statement on radio ELBC; MSgt. Samuel Kenyon Doe said:

    “In the Cause of THE PEOPLE, Let the Struggle Continue”.

    It is sad that Liberia seems to be going down this ugly path again, only because individuals who have been elected and put in positions of power have not learned the lessons of 1979, 1980, 1985, and 1989!

  8. My sincere words of salutation to you all, Liberians of ‘all walks of life’! Yes indeed, as one of the true and patriotic son of this homeland of us all, I’m civically obliged to remind us that, we all are one way or the other encountering a variety of hardships, which are leading us to taking hasty and or auto-destructive decisions. But, we have got to learn again, know and absorb that, our aged and or chronic problems and dissatifaction can not be resolved by the strategems of fewer political opportunists amongst us. In other words, Liberia and its people’s complex dilemma instigated, since by all the demagogues of yesterday, today and, if no definite remedy is achieved now, tomorrow, will bring this our ‘supposed to be’ one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, into fragments. Verily, it is a constitutional right to express our opinion by ‘peaceful’ rally, assembly or even protest, but is it always calm; and even the planned one for June 7th, shall it be pacific? These are the questions we or each and everyone should be asking ourselves or oneself before being anti or pro June 7th. Yes, eventhough, it is belated, but it is now or never that this very old country and its sons and daughters show to the resr of our one world a little bit signs of maturity, integrity and intelligence that, they’ve had enough of their own blunders. With my best wishes for mother Liberia and my sincere compatriots, I hope to join you soon! Bro. Gonyanue Blah or Yousuf Blah/Yousuf Belal//18052019 – Paris, France

  9. Liberians quick to forget, President Weah’s in his inaugural speech stated and I quote ” In the cause of the people, the struggle end” while people should forget like this? Please use the ballot and not the bullet to save the state OK….No one of had started any house foundation since the elections was done in 2017 how can you save an empty state? Shame to you people who want to save a state which you cannot develop …..

  10. Mr. CONCERN LIBERIAN, I suggest you remove the mask and bring out yourself. Using ALIAS(ES), to comment on this platform, in my view, is the most deceptive and unpatriotic act any Liberian will ever want to do.To all Liberians, not only Mr. Concern Liberian, we are discussing serious business here. It is the feature of Liberia, not a play thing.

    Now you want to compare Henry Costa with Mahatmat Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. Your comparison is like comparing APPLES and ORANGES, non of the two have any significant resembling.
    Mr. Henry Costa is being used by Greedy and Selfish, loosing power greed former government officials to escalate their grapes on state power and institutions. With the high illiteracy rate in our country, the PSEUDO (false) COP (Council of Patriot) with no real mandate, but put Liberian in the street to create chaos and Anarchy that will lead to uncertainty.

    Martin Luther King Jr. refused to even run for governor position for California in 1966. When he was interviewed by CBS Walter Cronkite in 1966, he referred to Ronald Reagan, as the “best man”, for that position. He refused to accept the prize that the Nobel Peace Prize awarded in 1964. Instead, he gave it to a foundation.

    Gandhi refused to even put on a British Khaki and any expensive clothing, but local Indian garment and a pare of sandals. So, your comparison with Gandhi and Martin King to that of Mr. Henry Costa is just a conjecture, to hoodwink the Liberian people.

    The Liberia people have the right to demonstrate, at anytime, anywhere for what ever reason they find necessary. The problem I have is, when it is spearheaded by former government officials who have tried in the past to get hold of state power, but failed, and are using CROWD MENTALITY control to push their aim.

    Gandhi or Martin King did not want to be president of India or USA. I m not backing the CDC led government either. There have been no HOLY COW in the past Liberian Administrations. All past administrations have had some form corruptions that went on. The past administration was one of the most.

    Be careful fellow Liberian of Wolves that always seem charming and polite, they have masqueraded themselves under the BANNER of SAVE THE STATE, to plunge you in an uncertain atmosphere, so they can have their aim accomplish. These are not real Patriots, but JACKALS.

    Mr. CONCERN LIBERIAN please show yourself!!!!!!!!!


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