Muslims Conduct Mohamed VI Symposium

Some the Islamic scholars from the Mohamed VI Foundation and other high profile Muslims in Liberia at the symposium.

Muslims across Monrovia and its environs yesterday, August 10, commenced a two-day Mohamed VI foundation of Africa Oulrma-Liberia symposium, which is aimed at educating fellow Muslims about tolerance for other religions.

The symposium, which is being held under the theme, “Values of Tolerance and Moderation in Islam and its Impact in Ensuring Global Peace,” brought together over 200 Muslims from Liberia as well as scholars from the head office of Mohamed VI Foundation of Africa Oulrma.

Muslims at the symposium highlighted that Islam is a religion of the merciful creator that came with lofty values, such as composition, tolerance, forgiveness, solidarity, interdependence, cooperation and righteousness.

According to them, “as a whole, it is a system of values governing the behavior of a Muslim, directing him towards doing what is right and spreading goodness, reconciling brethren and protecting bounds of brotherhood as acts intended for personal reform and social cohesion.”

Some of the topics the symposium will discuss include, “Values of Tolerance and Moderation in Islam: Its Origin and Relationship to the Objective of Shaire, Moderation, Origin and Lawfulness in Islam, Moderation and its Impact in Appreciating the Teaching of Shaire, Moderation and its Impact in Refuting the Tendency to Radicalism and Approach of Moderation and its Impact in Serving the Values of Tolerance in the Society.”

Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf told participants that they will discuss issues that affect the Islamic religion in any negative form or manner.

Sirleaf spoke of the willingness of Liberia’s Muslim community to work with the foundation in Morocco, to improve the value of tolerance, and not only to promote but to maintain peace among other religions.

He said President George Weah is working towards religious tolerance, “because he supported 32 persons from the Muslim faith to Mecca to attend this year’s Pilgrimage.”

Mr. Sirleaf expressed the strong believed that there are no values that can be added to the Islamic faith, “because Allah [God] has given that value,  but a negative public perception of the faith has given people the wrong image of Islam.”

According to Mr. Sirleaf, “everything on earth will remain to eternity, but we will return to dust with the good deed to testify before Allah.”

The Mohamed VI foundation of Africa Oulrma was founded to unify Muslims in Morocco as well as those in other African countries.


  1. Mr. Sirleaf, Let this foundation tolerate their Western Saharans neighbors’ right to their future. The foundation needs to convince moroccans first, then I think they will mean well in their endeavors.

    I see this as a ploy by the Moroccans to win favor from the west african region to support their selfish colonialist attitude toward the western Saharans. This is the crux and mission of this foundation.


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