‘Musa Bility Must Resign’

“Mr. Bility’s assertions carried in the Liberian media in which he bragged that he bankrolled executive members of Liberty Party by buying them cars have not helped the suspicions of corruption that marred his ascendency to the party’s leadership”, the group observed.

Liberty Party’s founding members call on him to relinquish chairmanship

The Leadership of the Friends of Brumskine (FOB), and Founding Executive Members of Liberty Party have described the outcome of the just-ended Liberty Party Special Convention as undemocratic and a total letdown for Liberia’s fight against corruption.

The FOB Leaders noted that the decision to allow Mr. Musa Bility ascend to the chairmanship of the Liberty Party considering his myriad involvement in corruption scandals locally and internationally, speaks to the leadership malaise that currently pervades the party.

In a statement released in Monrovia, the FOB and Liberty Party founding members also noted that the pre-packaged nature of the activities leading to the Party’s Special Convention was not only inimical to the tenets of internal democracy but dishonored the venerated memory of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, who took personal risk in his quest for good governance and a corruption free Liberia.

The group’s statement, signed by Aruna Fallah, Founding Chairman; Bishop J. Lemuel Gbadyu, Founding Co-Chairman and Isaac W. Jackson, Jr., Founding Spokesperson, further calls on Musa Bility to rescind and relinquish the chairmanship of the Party to former Margibi County Senator Clarice Davis Jah, as a way of salvaging the Party’s image; maintaining the enduring legacy of Cllr. Brumskine as well as promoting peace and reconciliation within the rank and file of the Party.

The release also said that Madam Clarice Davis Jah as Acting Chair will administer the affairs of the party, while modalities are being worked up for an extraordinary session to elect a suitable candidate with morally acceptable CV in society as Chair de jure of the Party.

According to the group, Musa Bility’s involvement with many corruption scandals, ranging from the RIA Economic Sabotage and Criminal Conspiracy Case; Tax Evasion; 27 million dollars Road Fund debacle and the widely publicized FIFA ban from football because of his involvement in corruption renders him unfit to Chair Liberty Party; until he clears his name from the myriad of corruption; adding that Liberty Party has over the years situated itself as an institutional pillar for integrity in Liberia.

“Mr. Bility’s assertions carried in the Liberian media in which he bragged that he bankrolled executive members of Liberty Party by buying them cars have not helped the suspicions of corruption that marred his ascendency to the party’s leadership”, the group observed. At the same time, the group is warning against the use of dark money to influence national politics.       

The group further stated that as they embark upon the journey to restore credibility to the Party, heal the “bad blood” and reconcile the rank and file of the party, they wish to call on the general public, especially foreign diplomats not to do official business in the name of Party with Mr. Musa Bility.

“We have taken this corrective action amidst the avalanche of public criticism against Mr. Bility regarding his checkered history, in the hope of restoring credibility to the party as well as maintaining the support of the masses”, the release concluded. 


  1. Mosua Hassan Bility, come what may, is a known and committed criminal in Liberia. What is this so difficult for Senators Abraham Darius Dillion and Nyonblee Kangar-Lawrence to see?

    No wonder Senators Dillion and Kangar-Lawrence, God-children of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at NIGHT and so-called “THE LIGHT” and so-called “THE REFORMER” in the day, cannot help but elect Musa Hassan Bility, Chairman of Liberty Party (LP), using DARK MONEY.

    WHAT A SHAME. CLLR. CHARLES WALKER BRUMSKINE might be turning over in his GRAVE.

  2. Nyonblee Kargar Lawrence whose duties and responsibilities as public relations officer at LPRC under Harry A. Greeves Jr., as partners in crime and corruption at LPRC, had no time for honesty, integrity, PROPRIIETY, and probity!

    Of course these thieves and hypocrites did ot have nor do they have even any loyalty to the Liberty Party when together with Darius Dillon they decided to apply THE ”INVESTMENT THEORY OF POLITICS”. In this theory businesses and investors are actually the owners of the party, AND NOT THE MEMBERS OF THE PARTY.

    Hence, for corrupt Nyonblee, and Darius Dillon, once Charles Brumskine was out of their power seeking greed way for money for their desires and appetites, and Musa Bility had come with thousands of dollars to buy the Liberty Party for his new business investment the ”INVESTMENT THEORY OF POLITICS” in which members of the party are not entitled to the political concept of CONSENT, CLOSED DOORS CONVENTION WAS THE IDEAL.

    For after all, the Liberty Party must be administered under the ideology of Corporatocracy… a political party operating solely for THE PERSONAL financial interests of the so called leaders of the party MASQUERADING AS “THE LIGHT STRONGER AND UNITED“ IN SALE OF THEIR PARTY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.


  3. Well, too bad for these so-called “Founding Members” of Liberty Party that are calling for the reversal of a decision eminating from their party’s congress, the plenary or highest decision making body in the party. And the argument relative to the points presented by the group as basis for their call for Bility’s resignation, is the most frivolous and preposterous presentment undeserving of any serious consideration for such a monumental decision.

    Where were these “Founding Members” up to the party’s covention that elected Musa Bility as party chair? And what was this group’s reaction to this decision prior to the public outcry that is now driving them to take this ill-advised action? Were they opposed to this election?

    If this group and by extension all others calling for the removal of Bility from the chairmanship of his party, and simply because his name has been associated with “corruption scandals” over the years, with no conviction in any, if I may add, save the LFA one which we hear has been reversed to clear the man’s name, then this piety yardstick should be applied across the board, to all political parties, churches and government where it matters most.

    There are many others currently serving as their party leaders, in government, in the legislature, as church leaders, school administrators, etc., etc., all marred in one form of corruption scandal or the other, yet they are not being hounded as Musa Bility. Why?

    It is even strange and absurd for people outside of the Liberty Party to be so gung-ho about this man’s election as chairman of his party. Under normal and conventional circumstances, the other political parties would rather use any such “blight” against that party’s purported stance against corruption and therefore unfirness for power.

    This strange and peculiar volume of outcry, especially coming from opposition quarters? compels me to believe this thing has some element of xenophobia to it than the anti-graft flag being waved all over the place. Shame on this “Founding Members” group for not standing by Musa Bility in this instance.

  4. Party’s Conventions and or congresses IN DEMOCRATIC SOCIETOES OR POLITIES for the election of THE CHAIRMAN are NEVER EVER HELD BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!

    For CONSENT, THE PSYCHE OF DEMOCRACY makes abundantly clear that superior moral legitimacy derives from

    (1) the fact that democratic parties, democratic assemblies, parliaments, legislatures, and democratic congresses, and democratic conventions MUST


    (3) held by Musa Bility, Darius Dillon, Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence and their personal financial interest enablers like Kofi Woods, Alex Cummings, Joseph Boakai, etc. A DICTATORIAL, ELITIST, AND OCHLOCRATIC (EG. MOB arrangement) NOW..

    (4) legitimately and constitutionally resisted by the collective membership of the body politic of the Liberty Party.

    If not anything, what this corporatocratic, oligarchic, or actually ochlocratic, official misconduct on the part of Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence, Darius Dillon, Musa Bility, and their enablers (Kofi Woods, Tiawen Gongloe, Joseph Boakai, Alex Cummings Benoni Urey,etc. etc.) have confirmed and exposed is that all this noise about “moving country forward “ are simply hypocritical posturing satanic ploys, and extremely reckless protests to enrich themselves at the expense and cost of the people and the country.

    AGAIN, Party’s Conventions and or congresses IN DEMOCRATIC SOCIETIES OR POLITIES for the election of THE CHAIRMAN are NEVER EVER HELD BEHIND CLOSED DOORS!


  5. In this seeming tedious excursion on democracy you might have skipped the chapter on the abuse and aberrations of democracy. In other words, every devil incarnate desecrates democracy with whatever the style of subjugation. Need I remind you that every dispensation on our continent is a democracy? I say all that to say, spare us this half-baked sermonization on something you know zilch about. Fair? The proof is in the podding, like they say.

    • On a planet of diversity and scarcity, and taking into account human nature, there are abound to be “abuse and aberrations of democracy “ in polities and or societies the world over. Accordingly, what matters is THE CONTEXT OR MAGNITUDE!

      • By yours and the many other suicidal attempts over this Bility election, I am left wondering if any of you ever heard of the erstwhile OAU, now dubbed, AU? I ask because that organization too, is subjected anually to the rulership of some tyrrant and whether we like it or not, on the basis of rotational chairmanship. Whereas we never heard any of you pious ones say “fuehn” about such spectacles. I wonder why?

        • But THE ISSUE surrounding “this Bility election“ (or kukujumuku selection?) IS NOT about the chairmanship been rotational or not.

          The rotationality of the chairmanship position at the OAU, AU, ECOWAS, and other supranational organizations or international actors IS LEGAL AND CONSTITUTIONAL.

          But in the case of the matter under discussion, Musa Bility being made Chairman of the Liberty Party behind closed doors, (coupled with his Bility’s soiled reputation) was illegal, undemocratic, and reckless.

          The issue of the matter and the vehement contention of the founding members is about “the pre-packaged nature“ and the closed door convention of the election or actually selection of Bility on the one hand.

          And on the other hand, as far as the founding members of the Liberty Party and the Court of Public Opinion are concerned, Musa Bility’s REPUTATION DOES NOT TALLY WITH THE CHAIRMANSHIP POSITION OF A POLITICAL PARTY of or within any country, nation, or state.

          • If Bility, then why not Urey as well? This man too, is chairman of his party and is three times more corrupt than Bility, except his was done during the Taylor rulership. Or is this public outrage just about recent pilfering? That could not even be the yardstick when you consider the field day of thievery at places like the MOFDP, NPA, legislature, the mansion (FA) and any collectorate in Liberia. So why Bility?

            On the AU question, I would think some caveat or benchmark ought to be instituted as a guide, having to do with the state of democracy, rule of law, press freedom, civil liberties, etc., in each country before the leader would be accorded the chairmanship of the organization. Otherwise, it is a mockery of our collective sensibilities to have a tyrrant or despot as the flagbearer of our continent at any point.

        • Mr. Peter Gboyo, AKA, Dempster Yallah,
          Every well-meaning Liberian knows and has every reason to believe that Musa Hassan Bility working for and in association with Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Robert A. Sirleaf, and Amara Mohammed Konneh reportedly supported and sustained the re-election of Senators Abraham Darius Dillion, AKA, “The Light” in the Liberian Senate and Nyonble Kangar Lawrence, Liberia’s so-called “reformer” by allegedly used dark money to buy off Liberty Party (LP) in great shame, disgrace, and disappointment.

          It is further reported and strongly believed that Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s former and most corrupt President, has bought off Liberty Party (LP) by and through the aid of Senators Dillion and Kangar-Lawrence as her new political vehicle to drive off Robert A. Sirleaf and Amara M. Konneh to run for the presidency and vice presidency of Liberia, come 2023. Senators Dillion and Nyonblee oversaw and sat in on the devilish sale of Liberty Party (LP) and held no real and meaningful election to make Musa Hassan Bility, the Chairman of Liberty Party (LP), and thus, he is challenged.

          Mr. Peter Gboyo/Dempster Yallah, you should be the last individual on the face of the earth to dangerously think and believe that Musa Bility, Liberia’s well-known and internationally committed criminal stood a contest and was elected the Chairman of Liberty Party (LP). What a shame and Cllr. Charles Walker Bumskine might be restlessly rolling over in his GRACE seeing his cherished Liberty Party (LP), sold off to Musa Hassan Bility and Liberia’s GREAT SATAN.

          • As for you little miserable creep, no matter the size of rock you live under, haven’t you ever heard of election my “acclamation,” or “white ballot?” I guess not, because that was exactly how Bility was reportedly elected.

            Secondly and unlike pillocks like you, who defend or advocate for only people or things of personal interest, I want you and think-alike to know moving forward, that I have no affinity with this Bility man from any adam stray.

            As a matter of fact, I too, have questioned this man’s “tax evasion” habit in the past, when he was accused by the Ministry of Finance on two occasions for tax evasion. I was curious to know what was it about this guy that the ministry is always accusing him of not paying his taxes?

            Unsurprisingly, the Finance Ministry was unable to prove any of those allegations against the man. That’s one of the basis for my defense of the man. That in all the allegations against him, he has vever been convicted of any in a court of law. Even the LFA one about which he was reportedly “suspended,” the news now is that he has been cleared and “apologized” to by that body.

            So my qualm with this public outcry against the man has more to do with how unfair I believe that whole censureship is. That there are more corrupt individuals in government including the judiciary and legislature, characters that warrant similar if not more denunciation as well. So the question which obviously went over your sterile head was, that being the case, then “why Bility?”

            And please don’t come back with some more tautlology about the man’s election was “undemocratic.” That was never the issue in the first place, at least from the disposition of the partisans at that convention. Assuming you and the others rabble-rousing about this man’s electkion are not LP partisans, what darn fish have yoiu to fry in other people’s party business? That spells mischief-making and tantamount to misdemeanor in my book. Seize and desist therefore.

  6. In this seeming tedious excursion on democracy, you might have skipped the chapter on the abuse and aberrations of democracy. In other words, every devil incarnate desecrates democracy with whatever the style of subjugation. Need I remind you that every dispensation on our continent is a democracy? I say all that to say, spare us this half-baked sermonization on something you know zilch about. Fair? The proof is in the podding, like they say.

    • YOU DIRTY LITTLE UNEDUCATED DOG Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo, did you see any insult from me at you in any of my comments with you? NO! did you or anyone see any insult or any implication of tantrums in Mr. Jayweh’s or Mr. Hney’s disagreements with me? No!

      But you little uneducated dog and a mere professional nobody, believes insulting others is a form of disagreement. A little dog like you who has become a liability, in that we have to beat simple reasoning into your empty head, instead of being grateful to us, have the audacity to insult us (“little creep, pillocks“) in your inherently ghetto primitive mentality that insulting others and tantrums are a form of debating or a form of argumentation.

      This is just a warning for you little dog and little swine Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo!! Any further misbehavior on your part, I shall unmercifully discipline your little ass! Fail to behave at your emotional peril!

      • Obviously, another attention seeking cretin. Everybody seeking their “15 minutes” fame with Peter Gboyo. Sorry kid, no time for wayward dunderheads today. Seek your equal.

        • Dempster Yallah aka Peter Gboyo, I am older and educated than your bastardly asshole. And you know it! It is your prostitute dirty mother with her butthole being fucked in the butts by dogs which is a “wayward dunderhead!“

          You must be smelling the slime from between her smelly legs not to know that if she were ever clean enough I would have been the one to fuck the hell out of her asshole to give birth to a better human being than the dog you are after being fucked in her butts by dogs!

      • Imagine the audacity of this other giggerflea threatening someone. It was even a great error on my part to have engaged such a street urchin in any exchange, but I guess out of my love for animals. Because as a standing practice, I don’t often engage nonentities. Oh well, he just blew his 15-minute of fame with me. Some true biological accident!

    • Dempster Yallah, AKA, Peter Gboyo,
      Come what may, I am the least surprised by your reckless and irresponsible reaction. In the days of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s former and most corrupt President, your saw no problem sitting here in the United States and doing absolutely nothing for Liberia and its people, and notwithstanding, you shamelessly collected monthly checks from Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and her corrupt Government. I take it and have reason to suppose that you received those checks from the hands of Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf without the slightest shame. No wonder you’re sitting here in the United States and senselessly defending Musa Hassan Bility, Liberia’s well-known and fully committed criminal mind. Shameless you, you low-life progressive of the 1970s. A good reason why no so-called 1970s and 1980s progressive has ever tasted power and will never taste the Republic of Liberia’s Presidency as you all grow old and approach your 70s and early 80s. Shame on you, you old and useless LOW-LIFE CREEP. YOU AND YOUR FELLOW SO-CALLED PROGRESSIVES SHALL NEVER SEE THE FACE OF THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA’S PRESIDENCY. Don’t have shame kissing Bility’s feet?

      You old and forgotten man will sit here in the United States and refer to me as a creep?

      Dempster Yallah, I need not remind you and your followers; your days are now history!

      Keep up your support for Musa Hassan Bility and Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf, and perhaps you could be blessed to net a job why you die on your feet in America.

  7. With regards to your “If Bility, then why not Urey as well?“, as we intimated earlier on, CONTEXT AND MAGNITUDE are what matters in such scenarios! The ALP is Benoni Urey’s SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP. The Liberty Party IS NOT any joint business venture or investment owned by Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence, Darius Dillon, and their enablers!

    Let Musa go and establish his own business called political party. Lewis Brown and and someone I have learned, recently registered their own business venture they call Party … PEOPLE LIBERATION PARTY.

    See whether anyone will have any concerns, should Musa erect his own political party. In fact, you may see people cheering him and probably tumultuously populating his party!

    As for your concerns about “the state of democracy, rule of law, press freedom, civil liberties, etc., in each country before the leader would be accorded the chairmanship of the organization,“ don’t you think there are such mechanisms in place?


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