Murder on Lynch Street

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An argument that ensued between two teenage ‘best friends’ during a downpour of rain turned into a fistfight and ended with the death of one of the ‘friends.’

The late Clarence Thomas, 17, alias ‘Zango,’ was allegedly stabbed in the back with a ‘kitchen knife’ by his ‘friend’, identified as Opucus Ray.

The incident occurred while the two were involved in an argument that ensued over a ‘used shirt’—valued at L$35, which was reportedly borrowed from him (Ray) by the deceased a couple of days ago.

Opucus Ray, upon realizing that Zango would not survive the wounds he had inflicted on him, immediately fled the scene of the incident and has remained at large, eyewitnesses told the Daily Observer.

The incident, which occurred directly opposite the Nazarene Church down Lynch in the ‘Swaray yard’ near the vicinity of where several caskets are made and sold, brought onto the scene onlookers from other nearby communities downtown Monrovia.

Shortly after the incident occurred, officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP) arrived on the scene and quickly dispersed. One unit remained on the scene to contain the emerging crowd of horrified onlookers comprising family members of both the alleged killer and the deceased.

The rest of the officers advanced a strategy to pursue the alleged murderer.

According to other eyewitness accounts, Monday’s incident occurred when the deceased reportedly refused to return a used shirt he had earlier borrowed from his ‘friend’ — Opucus Ray, but rather chose to apply violence, which resulted in a fistfight.

“When the fighting started, Ray was overpowered by Zango; but Ray ran for a knife to his house and returned shortly and stabbed Zango on the back, thus killing him instantly,” an eyewitness stated.

The father of the deceased, Arthur Thomas, told this paper that he was not aware of what led to the fight, “but I saw my son and Ray into a fistfight that resulted [in] his (Zango) death when he (Ray) stabbed him with a knife,” the deceased father looking rather confused briefly explained and refused to speak further with our reporter.

Meanwhile, the Homicide Division of the LNP is reported to have commenced an investigation, while a manhunt is ongoing to bring the alleged perpetrator of the crime of murder to justice upon arrest. The LNP has at the same time, called on the public to report movement of any stranger in their respective communities during the search for Opucus Ray — the alleged killer of Zango.


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