Multipurpose Vocational School Under Construction in Buu –Yao


A multipurpose vocational school construction in the town of Beadatuo in the Buu-Yao Administrative District, Nimba County has reached roof level as the proprietor appeals for help to speedily complete the project.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in Ganta recently the proprietor, Dahn Allison Harris, said he decided to build the school in order to bring vocational education to young people of the far away district, who do not complete high school and have no means of acquiring skills.

He said in the Buu-Yao district, there are many youths who are desirous of learning, but have no  means of support,  leaving most of them to motorcycling to sustain themselves  .

He said, Buu-Yao is one of the remotest districts in Nimba, where most of the youths are former combatants, turned motorcyclists.

“We are constructing about 15 classrooms to be able to offer courses including masonry, carpentry, tie and dye, agriculture,” he said.

He put the cost of the project at over US$50k. He said, the cost will also cover modern housing units for accommodating the staff.

Dahn Allison Harris is commonly known as “Dahn Younwah” and he is involved in the pharmaceutical business in Nimba.

“Most of our brothers and sisters are not in school, with most of them involved in unusual activities” he lamented.


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