‘Much Is Expected of Political Actors’

-Senator Zargo reminds politicians


Lofa County Senator Stephen J. H. Zargo, who chairs the Senate Committee on Defense, Intelligence and Security, has issued a strong-worded statement to political actors in the upcoming October elections, that much is expected of them.

Sen. Zargo warned politicians to be mindful of their actions and utterances; “as anything they say or do has the propensity to influence lots of their followers, which may subsequently have an adverse effect on our much cherished, hard earned peace and security.”

Addressing Legislative reporters at the Capitol Building yesterday, Senator Zargo asserted that though the Legislature is taking a two-week break and will not be having regular sessions, Legislators who head the various security committees  will be active with national security actors to ensure that peace remains intact.

He emphasized that the country has risen out of war and destruction and has its feet firmly on the ground, “and we are determined to continue the giant steps towards peace, stability and growth which we all are obliged to support.

“In view of this cherished national security interest and concern, let me use this opportunity to admonish national security actors (conspicuous and inconspicuous) to remain proactive and at the same time warn any individual or group of individuals who are bent on reversing the gains we, along with our international partners have made, there is a need to give second thought to their actions.”

The statement by the veteran security personnel who was not specific about political actors he may have had in mind, comes in the wake of continuing expressions of dissatisfaction from some presidential candidates who are against certain provisions in the National Code of Conduct, which appear to threaten their ambition for elective office come October.

Zargo refused to be drawn into opinion about the Code of Conduct, but however clarified that if a citizen has had problem with a clause in that document, the remedy was to take the issue up with the Legislature for clarification or, if necessary, amendment. “The Supreme Court has ruled the Code of Conduct Constitutional and that is it,” he said.

While there is a right to freedom of speech and expression, the former police officer warned that, “there are equally responsibilities attached to those rights; these responsibilities encompass the taking into serious consideration our national security interest.”

Meanwhile, the Senate yesterday announced a two-week Easter break to reconvene when the Senate Pro Tempore informs them to do so.


  1. An anonymous philosopher once said, “Every man loves justice at another man’s expense.” Yes indeed Senator Zargo, maintaining the peace in Liberia should be of paramount importance to move Liberia into economic prosperity. However, did the lawmakers take into consideration the political ramification when you decided to enact a “self-centered” National Code of Conduct that bars your fellow Liberians from exercising their constitutional rights to participate in the political process for 2 to 3 years?

    It is an ethical justification to ask appointed government officials to resign prior to running for political office, but to deny your fellow Liberians from participating in the political process for 2 to 3 years after their resignation from their government posts is fundamentally bias and excessively cruel and unjust.

    I just do not see how this law was implemented when lawmakers were exempt. Indeed, “Every man loves justice at another man’s expense.” Resignation is ethical but barring them for 2 to 3 years is cruel and unjust punishment! They are not criminals!!!!!!!


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