“MTN Liberia’s Data Bundles Remain Unchanged”


Lonestar Cell MTN has announced to customers and the public that there has been no increase in the price of its data bundles, nor have there been any reductions in the data allocations within the bundles.

“Our attention has been drawn to erroneous messages on social media stating that we have reduced the data allocations in our data bundles,” the company said in a statement issued Thursday, June 11. “We would like to highlight that this is categorically not true. The information being shared on social media shows our bi-weekly data bundles which have been the same since September 2019.”

The statement comes in the wake of reports that the Liberia Telecommunications Authority had required the company to increase its voice and data rates.

“Lonestar Cell MTN offers daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly data bundles on our *352# data menu,” the company said. “Customers can dial *352# and select option 2 to view weekly bundles, option 3 to view bi-weekly bundles and option 4 to view monthly data bundles. The bundle allocations and prices have been the same with no changes since September 2019.

“We value our customers and we remain committed to providing a great data experience at affordable prices on our 4G LTE network.”

Lonestar Cell MTN (MTN Liberia), one of Liberia’s leading telecommunications providers, was founded in 2001. A subsidiary of MTN, a leading international telecommunications group operating in 21 countries across Africa and the Middle East, MTN Liberia is a technology-based company with a focus on “winning in everything we do while demonstrating consistency in innovation to meet our unique customer needs.”


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