MTN Liberia Launches International Remittances Direct to Mobile Money Accounts

MoMo International Remittances

Lonestar Cell MTN, one of Liberia’s leading GSM and Mobile Financial Services companies, announces that, as of August 3, 2020, Mobile Money customers can receive money from their family and friends anywhere in the world directly to the MoMo accounts, free of charge with the launch of International Remittances.

Christopher Ssali, Acting General Manager of Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money, said, “Many Liberians rely on international financial remittances from abroad. Most people endure long lines in packed banking halls to receive the cash sent to them by their loved ones. Now, with MTN MoMo Remittances, they can avoid the stress and the risks by receiving their remittances directly to their Mobile Money accounts. And we are growing the MoMo family so that our customers can enjoy a truly digital financial lifestyle where they can use the money they receive to pay bills, buy goods and pay for services they need with Mobile Money on *156#.

“We are excited about this because it makes our customers lives easier and better and we are supporting the government’s aim for a cashless digital economy,” Ssali added. This is our promise to our customers: when it comes to safe, secure and convenient digital payments, with MoMo, we’ve got you.”

According to the company, the standard Mobile Money fees will apply if customers cash out the remittance or perform any other MoMo transactions.

Customers who are not on MTN Mobile Money can join easily, and sign-up is free at any Lonestar Cell MTN service center or registered MoMo agent with a valid identification card, they company says.


  1. “Chopping” Seize for Gullible Tellers

    It’s very sad when some Liberians profits off the plights of other Liberians. As if the COVID 19 pandemic hasn’t already pushed them into destitutions, some Liberians have made it their business to continue robbing their fellow citizens to make a living. This headline, if follow through, will be one of the best news out of Liberia so far in 2020.

    Receiving remittances in Liberia now a day is so difficult , and to make matter worst, tellers demand shares from receivers at all cost. Receivers MUST bride bank security guards to get ahead of cues. Secondly, tellers must get his/her CUT, if not, the teller or tellers will tell the receiver PLEASE COME TOMORROW. “Please come tomorrow”, may go on for several days or weeks. Leaving the receiver with no alternative, but bribing bank tellers.

    Individuals living outside Monrovia ( Brewerville, Gardnerville, Bardnerville, etc, have to bribe tellers, or leave their various homes at 5 am or earlier to form cues to receive remittances. Positions in cues must also be paid to security guards in getting ahead.

    Thank you MTN ….putting stop to some gullible tellers’ greed.

    We should be one family, our fellow countrymen should find haven in us, but instead; they find the deepest headache.

    Mamadu S. Bah, Meridian Health

  2. Erro: second paragraph, fourth line. ” tellers must get his/ her cut”. Should be : a teller must get his /her cut.

  3. Thank you MTN , this will help our people who in some cases take two to three days to get the money sent to them.

  4. Great news from MTN. This will enhance the speedy recovery of funds sent to our Liberian recipients. However, is the sender obligated to have an account with MTN? Please, I need some clarification along this line. Congrats in advance to MTN! You are providing succor to the Liberian people.
    Thanks a lot!

  5. How will it work from a sender’s standpoint? Will US banks cooperate? More details please. Both Western Union and thief (MoneyGram) don’t allow mobile transfers to Liberia. How will MTN circumvent such hurdles?


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