MTN Boosts Communication in Rural Nimba

The Lonestar Cell MTN installations can be seen in most of the towns, including Beatuo, New Yourpea, Glarlay, Frolay, Dinplay and just to named few.

With the instillation of several relay dishes

Lone Star Cell MTN has boosted telecommunication access in the rural parts of Nimba County, especially around the border with Ivory Coast with the instillation of several relay antennas in most of the populated towns or communities.

When the Daily Observer toured the bordering communities, looking at COVID-19 lockdown, it was discovered that most of the communities were connected to Lonestar Cell MTN, easing the difficulty they were encountering in communicating with their love one.

There was excitement seen in the faces of many for the affordability to communicate with relatives, friends and any well wishers without any hindrance or climbing a hill to access a signal.

“We are very happy with Lonestar and the MTN family for making it easy for us to communicate with any hindrance or difficulty,” said Clan Patrick Baryuo, Clan Chief of Frolay Clan in Buu–Yao Administrative District.

“We used to stand on top of a hill or sometimes go up the tree before we can have access to signal of either Lonestar Cell MTN or Orange,” Osaka Tiah, a Principal of Glarlay Public School disclosed.

The installations can be seen in most of the towns, including Beatuo, New Yourpea, Glarlay, Frolay, Dinplay and just to named few.

These communities are close to the Ivorian border and it used to be very hard for someone to call there directly, unless the people living there stood somewhere specific to call. Now, with the installation the signal of GSM can be detected everywhere, mainly where the antenna is installed.

However, not all the communities seem to be enjoying the facility, because the signale of each of the antennas appear to only be covering the community where it is planted/installed.

“I am very grateful to Lone Star MTN for at least coming closer to us, but we are appealing that the communication facility be installed everywhere, especially where there are key facilities like hospitals or clinics,” said Oliver Gweh, a Lab Technician of Gblarlay Clinic.

“We have ambulance service here for the community, but the people find it very hard reach us through phone because the signal is reaching everywhere,” he said.

“Gblarlay Clinic has a catchment communities of very over 16 towns and villages, where most of the catchment communities have signal, but where the clinic doesn’t have any signal,” the Township Commissioner of Gblarlay Township Mr. John Gongor asserted.


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