MSF Provides More Care for Ebola-afflicted Patients, Ebola Survivor Declares


An Ebola survivor, 39-year-old Saah Blackie, has disclosed that Medecin Sans Frontiers, which runs one of the Ebola management centers in the ELWA Compound, provides “more care” for Ebola-afflicted patients.

Speaking to a Daily Observer aeporter yesterday, Saah Blackie said there were sufficient doctors and nurses available to give patients treatment; and inmates received the three meals a day, including regular serving of juices and other nutrients through the day to ensure that patents get more energy.

According to Mr. Blackie, he contracted the virus from one of the customers whose vehicle he was in the process of positioning at a lot he runs on Bushrod Island.  He, however said he could not identify the main car from which he became infected with the virus.

He was released on September 23 from MSF center, Ebola-free, he said in thanksgiving to God and to MSF.

“They gave me the car key to allow me park the cars in order.  Sometimes we have to  remove the cars from the driveway if other cars want to leave the lot. This was what I was doing on September 9 when I contracted this deadly virus and begin very sick.”

He continued, “I first started  treating myself at the house, with all types of antibiotic  tablets, including amoxicillin and others.  I later called my brother on the 12 of the September and told him, “If you don’t carry me to hospital, I will die tonight.”

He explained that, he was already vomiting, toileting with blood and feeling weak as well, and some community members brought me lime to help stop the vomiting but this led to more vomiting and toileting.

“My brother came  dressed like one of the nurses or doctors treating Ebola cases, put me into the back of a jeep and took me to the Redemption Hospital. When I reached there, I started to vomit more and more,” he said.

Mr. Blackie disclosed that on the 13th of September, he and five other people were taken by Saah Joseph’s ambulance from the Redemption Hospital and carried to the (MSF) Ebola management center at the ELWA compound but  three patients died and three survived from the deadly Ebola.

“One female was among us and she survived of the virus also.  She lives in the New Kru Town. We have some Liberians doctors and nurses working hard for us. ”

Blackie further  explained that he felt very bad when he was diagnosed with the virus and had to be quarantined.  He said he was worried about how to get home and be free of the disease after leaving his family.

“They used to give us drugs two times a day and the drugs are very powerful.  They included the Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS). No injections and drips were given to us or any of the patients in the unit.  There were 10  patients in one tent.”

“I was having a sore throat when I was taken to the MSF first but later on, I used to eat well. They served us three times a day and also provided juices but many of us usually took (ORS) due to the sweetness of the juices.”

Mr. Blackie is a businessman, and a professional driver with the responsibility of 8 persons, including his two employees at the parking lot in his yard.

“I was forced to closed the shop, were I sell rice, water and other items.

I have been advised by some people in the community to open the shop again.”

According to him, his house has been quarantined by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare until October 15.  


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