MRU Youth Parliament-Liberia Chapter Elects New Speaker

Flashback: Mr. Massaley being sworn into office as speaker of the MRUYP-Liberia Chapter

The Mano River Youth Parliament-Liberia Chapter (MRUYP-LC) has, over the weekend, elected and sworn into office Mohammed A. Massaley of Bomi County as its new speaker to run the affairs of the parliament for the next two years after the resignation of its embattled Speaker James Kolleh of Bong County.

Kolleh resigned from the parliament after he was accused of financial malpractices. The MRUYP-LC tried to impeach former Speaker Kolleh in accordance with Rule 23.1 & 2 of the organization’s statute, but the regional body, Mano Union Youth Parliament, overturned the decision after which Kolleh resigned.

1st Deputy Speaker, J. Fahn Deghar, and 2nd Deputy Speaker, Daniel N. Nills, retained their respective posts. After the oath of office Speaker Massaley promised to reunite and run an inclusive parliament that will change the institution for the better.

MRUYP-LC has a total of 30 representatives from the fifteen sub-divisions of Liberia. Massaley said he has come to the leadership with an agenda of peace, dialogue, and to put in place financial policies that would bring an end to corruption and rebrand the image of the parliament.

He said his leadership will build a new platform that young people will see and have the desire to become parliamentarians in the future. Massaley said the parliament is a regional body that has collaborating partners in surrounding countries that his leadership will build a relationship with to make the young people of Liberia be an instrument of peace.

Rivercess County representative to MRUYP-LC, in an overview, said the parliament was established in 2003 in Sierra Leone, where a group of young people from the Mano River region gathered after the civil crisis to brainstorm on how to make young people use peace rather than violence.

He said after the meeting, Liberian delegates saw it necessary to bring the knowledge back home and to use it to benefit the fifteen counties of the country and to involve young people.

In remarks, Vickjune Wuton, Vice President for International Affairs, Liberia National Student Union (LINSU), said whenever youths are trying to rewrite their own history by doing things in a peaceful manner it makes her feel proud and understand that the future of the country is secured.

She advised MRUYP-LC to see the recent congress of LINSU as a reference as they conduct their activities.


  1. With deep compassion to link myself to MRU youth Parliament. I will be glad to expand this organization in all rurality of Bomi and Grand cape mount counties that the youths will be awared that unitsm exist.
    Contact me: 0881592143/0777589361.


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