MRU Holds Int’l Water Resources Workshop Today


At least 22 participants from the four West African countries embodied under the banner of the Mano River Union (MRU) will hold a one-day stakeholder workshop today, September 26, 2019 in Monrovia, a release has said.

According to the release, the workshop aims to establish an advisory team for the management of the preparation of the Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) and Strategy Action Plan (SAP) process in the Mao-Makona and Cavalla River basins.

It also aims to strengthen the financial and technical capacities of government institutions for transboundary water resource management and the preparation of regional transboundary diagnostic to be validated and adopted at ministerial level.

Stakeholders are expected to prepare a preliminary national Strategic Actions Program.

More importantly, the project is under the theme, “Mano River Union Ecosystem Conservation and International Resources,” with focus on the effective management of transboundary natural resources, including water resources, soils, protected areas, etc. It basically geared at reducing poverty and the maximum preservation of the environment.

The project considers the transboundary basins Moa/Makona river basin shared by Guinea to be 44 percent, Liberia, 8.5 percent and Sierra Leone, 47 percent. It also focuses on the Cavalla river basin shared by Cote d’Ivoire, which is about 54 percent, Guinea 5 percent and Liberia 41 percent.

At the end of the workshop, a regional advisory team is expected to be established. The regional advisory team will be established under the guidance of the national coordination unit, which will take the lead as executing agency.

The MRU is an intergovernmental organization comprising four West African countries. It was established in 1973 by Liberia and Sierra Leone and later joined in 1980 by Guinea and then by Ivory Coast in 2008.

Its purpose is to promote regional cooperation and economic integration through the establishment of a common market and the strengthening of cooperation of all aspects of economic activity such as trade, industry, transport and telecommunication, agriculture, natural resources and financial and monetary matters.


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