MRTU Accuses FRTUL of Undermining

A team of MRTU officials at their warehouse

The Mano River Transport Union (MRTU), one of the legally registered transport unions conducting services in the country, has accused the Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia (FRTUL) of obstructing its activities in Ganta on a daily basis.

Nathan Kpakah, MRTU Ganta Head, said authorities of the FRTUL are in the constant habit of sending agents  to their terminal to deter passengers from traveling with their services.

“On one occasion,” Kpakar said, “their workers came here and flogged one of my dispatchers unmercifully to the extent that he was wounded, but we later rushed him to the hospital and he was treated.

“We are all registered with government and obtained licenses to provide transport services in this country. Then why should personnel of the MRTU keep bothering us all the time?” Kpakar rhetorically asked.

The MRTU has its parking terminal in the center of Ganta, around the Concerned Women Building, while the FRTUL has her terminal at the entrance of Ganta from Monrovia, opposite the police detachment. But Nathan Kpakar said FRTUL Chief Operations personnel, Dioh Araline, is always in the habit of coming to their parking every morning under the pretext of having breakfast.

“Whenever Araline comes here in the morning, he will not go straight to where he claimed breakfast is being prepared, but he will wait here to undermine our activities,” Kpakar said.

When contacted, Mr. Araline denied intruding into the affairs of the MRTU, but in turn accused members of the MRTU of loading cars illegally and without any parking lot in any part of Nimba, apart from Ganta where they can be found on the street.

The MRTU leader explained their entity is legal and has branches in other parts of Liberia, where they are embarking on constructing a modern terminal in Ganta and that would be up to international standards.

Kpakar explained that they are offering reasonable transport fares to passengers, along with well protected warehouses.

“We even provide help to stranded passengers, whenever their car breaks down by sending another car to take them to their destination,” he said.

“We are appealing to the government to ask the FRTUL why they continue to harass us,” he said.


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