Mrs. Doris Grimes Dies

Doris Grimes 1.jpg

Mrs. Doris Grimes, widow of President William V. S. Tubman’s Secretary of State, J. Rudolph Grimes, died yesterday in New Jersey. She was in her early eighties.

Mrs. Grimes, who lived alone in the New Jersey apartment she had shared with her late husband, was found dead yesterday with a phone in her hand in her apartment.

Doris Grimes was a 1948 graduate of the College of West Africa (CWA). She later traveled to the United States where she pursued higher education.

It was in the USA that she married J. Rudolph Grimes, also a CWA graduate who had traveled to the USA in the 1940s to study law at Harvard University and later International Affairs at Columbia University, New York.

As wife of Mr. Grimes, who served, beginning 1951, first as Counselor of the State Department (now Ministry of Foreign Affairs), later as Deputy Secretary of State and, from 1960 to January 1972 as Secretary of State, Doris Grimes traveled to many parts of the world with her husband. She and Secretary Grimes once met the Pope in Rome.

Mrs. Grimes is survived by several adopted children, including Dolly Grimes, who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Doris.

A formal announcement is expected shortly from her children.


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