Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman Clocks 75

Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman at 75.

Celebrates Birthday with Prayer Breakfast for “Jesus’ love for me, for Liberia and for the Liberian people.”

Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman, co-founder and proprietor of the Isaac A. David, Sr. Memorial Pre-School, Elementary and Sr. High School, turns 75 on Sunday, November 18, 2018.

A former Deputy Minister of Education, Mrs. Norman is the third daughter of the late President William R. Tolbert, Jr., and his wife Mrs. Victoria David Tolbert, former First Lady of Liberia.

Christine was born on November 18, 1943, at the Carrie V. Dyer Memorial Baptist Hospital, situated at the corner of Capital By-Pass and Jallah Town Road. She attended the Suehn Industrial Academy as a boarding student beginning at age seven in 1950; three years at St. Theresa’s Convent-1953-55. She later entered the College of West Africa (CWA), where she graduated in 1963. She then matriculated to Cuttington College and Divinity School (now Cuttington University), where she took the Bachelor’s degree in Education in 1966. That same year, she entered Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, USA, and graduated in June, 1968 with the Master’s in Education. She returned home in August of that year. She and her foster sister, Mrs. Sadie David DeShield, founded the Isaac A. David, Sr. Pre School, Elementary and Sr. High School in 1968.

On December 20, 1969, she was wedded to Mr. Lawrence Norman, a son of Mr. Oscar Norman, Deputy Secretary at the Department of Information and Cultural Affairs, and Mrs. Laura Norman, herself a renowned Liberian educator. Lawrence and Christine’s marriage has been blessed with three biological children, all boys, several adopted children, and 12 grandchildren.

In 1972, Christine was appointed Assistant Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS), and in 2004, Assistant Education Minister for Instruction. The following year, she was appointed Deputy Minister of Education for Instruction. Following the overthrow and murder of her father, President William R. Tolbert, Jr., Christine was imprisoned at the Monrovia Central Prison where she spent a night, and later placed under house arrest.

On December 24, 1980, she was released from house arrest. She later taught at Isaac David School from January to December 1981, and later departed for USA, where she spent three and half years in exile, then proceeded to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, where she and her family lived from 2002 to 2017 as refugees before returning to Liberia.

In Abidjan, Christine served for 16 years as a teacher at the American-run International Community School of Abidjan (ICSA). She returned to Liberia in 2003, and founded Restoration of Educational Advancement Program (REAP). REAP is a non-governmental, humanitarian and educational organization which, with the support of many friends and partners, has provided valuable support and opportunities for thousands of vulnerable youths and young adults, who have been affected by the 14 years of civil war, and the recent Ebola crisis.

On tomorrow, Saturday, November 17, beginning at 9 o’clock a.m., Mrs. Norman and REAP will host a Prayer Breakfast for Liberia primarily to celebrate life and God’s love for Liberia and Liberians. Several guests are expected for this event. Among them will be Christine and Lawrence’s first son, Dr. Carnley Norman, a chemical engineer; Christine’s sisters, Liberian Ambassador to Abidjan, Madam Willye-Mai Tolbert King and Mrs. Wokie Tolbert Tubman, and their niece Mrs. Therese Tolbert Curtis, daughter of their brother, the late A.B. Tolbert.

From United Kingdom will be Richard Wiggins, representing the Pointman Leadership Institute; and a Nigerian, Ibrahim Y. Dikko, representing Freedom in Christ International.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman said that as a cancer survivor, she believes she has “every right to celebrate life in Jesus and His love for me, for Liberia and for the Liberian people.”


  1. Happy birthday, Mrs. Norman; may God Almighty grant all the desires of your good heart. Thank you for the opportunities you did give and continue to give to many struggling youngsters (including me), many of whom may not have made it across the river without your timely intervention.
    Enjoy a blessed and blissful weekend with a deserving blast.

  2. As we approach the happy occasion of the celebration of your birth anniversary on November 18, 2018, Mrs. Beer joins me in extending to you warmest birthday greetings and heartfelt congratulations.
    May God continue to be your perfect refuge, strength and hope and May He continue to bless the works of your hands. Again, Happy Birthday and our best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Here’s a woman who contributed hugely to the elevation of Liberia. It is a privilege to have you as a fellow citizen. Thank you and Happy Birthday, mama.

  4. Happy Birthday (Belated) Christine, “Jesus loves you” As you go thru that 75 years May your days be a Blessing.
    How I, wish there is another Mrs. Christine Tolbert Norman (Educator)
    “Thanks A Million Mrs. Norman”

  5. Happy Birthday my friend. Thanks for your dedicated service to your community and country. May God continue to bless you and enlarge your territory. For His Glory, TNW, II

  6. Happy birthday Christine!
    Your inspirational story of survival evoked my reference to Ecclesiastes 11.1: Cast thy bread upon the waters: for you shall find it after many days.
    Hiding in the swamps by day and sheltered at night by the same random lady you blessed with the purchase of a bag of rice to feed her family months earlier; knowing not that one day you would be counted as one in the family, needing of the “bread” you had provided: The Liberian proverbial
    “You do good; you do good to yourself “. You’ve done well doing good.
    Blessings on you and your family.

  7. Happy Birthday Ms. Norman and thank you for brining quality education to our nation’s youth. May
    God continue to bless the works of your hands. God bless

  8. Dear Sis Christine,

    I am sorry that I can not be with you in Liberia as you celebrate your 75th birthday which is a major milestone. you are a walking miracle, you have touched and changed so many lives in ways that you will never know. But all because you have the love of God in your heart. And so I pray that as you celebrate your 75th birthday, may God continue to bless you with good health and long life, may everything you touch prosper may God grant you every desires of your heart. Celebrate this day as if there is no tomorrow and have fun doing it. HAPPY 75TH BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Love Always


  9. happy birthday i wish weah could make you the minister of education. Isaac david is still one of the best schools in the entire republic of liberia. it has weathered coups and murderers but it still stand out. I salute you

  10. Happy Birthday, Mrs. Norman!

    I wish you many more. It was such a pleasure growing up with you as an ever-present warm adult presence in Abidjan.

    I am sad to learn in this article that you went through a bout with cancer, but I am so glad to hear you beat it.

    Wishing you and yours all the best,

  11. Happy Birthday Mrs. Norman! May God continue to richly bless you, as you continue
    to bless others in all that you do, and all that you are. We hope to see you soon.

    Randolph and Sweetie Forh

  12. Happy Birthday Aunty Christine. Your hard work had paid off. I am proud of my foundation. The solid firm foundation of the Isaac A David’s school. You made me what I am today and striving to be in the future.
    Thanks for everything.

  13. Hi, Mine “Dr” Norman,
    How honored I will be to one day return home and work Special Needs at Isaac Davies as I 4th-grade homeroom taught at Bright Functional oh, 20-some years ago. Happy Birthday, M’aam.

  14. Thanks to God for allowing me to meet you . and give to the work God has called you to do. I pray that God continue using you to be a blessing for your people. [ Liberian]

  15. Dear Christine, what a blessing to look at my computer monitor and see my good friend Christine Norman smiling back at me. Except for the addition of a few grey hairs, you still look just as beautiful as you did years ago when you were my best friend and we used to go out for coffee together in White Plains. i am afraid my birthday wishes are a little late for the birthday you were celebrating in November of 1918. But, perhaps you will apply them to the birthday coming up later this year, on November 18,2020, instead. God graciously blessed my life by allowing you to be a part of it. You were and continue to be a source of inspiration to me. May God bless you with many more birthdays. And may God make the harvest from your work in education abundant beyond your wildest dreams.. Praise God, for it is He who causes the seeds we plant to take root and flourish.

  16. What a blessing for you Sister Christine, to be blessed with another year!! We pray that you continue to be God’s light in your corner of the earth (Matthew 5:14). May He continue to keep you filled with his wisdom and strength. Grace and peace to you.


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