‘Mr. President, Where Is Your Nat’l Response Plan?’


— Sen. Karnga-Lawrence asks, says “sending non-medical contact tracers in the field is a death trap for all citizens”

Grand Bassa County Senator, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence in a Facebook post said the ideal of President George M. Weah to send non-medical contact tracers in the field is a death trap for all citizens in Liberia.

The Liberty Party political leader and Liberia’s only female Senator rejected the President’s decision to take people who have no idea about medicine as contact tracers in the strongest terms and need urgent intervention. Raising concern over the State of Emergency, Karnga-Lawrence asked President Weah to provide his national response plan to fight the COVID-19.

“Mr. President you have declared state of emergency that is the first part, and we are supportive of that decision, where is the National Response Plan?,” she asked.

Karnga-Lawrence said “It’s been two days Mr. President since you declared the State of Emergency, IT IS AN EMERGENCY! It’s been over a month since the coronavirus entered Liberia, IT IS AN EMERGENCY!.”

She said World Bank made a commitment of US$15 million since March 19 and has paid over half, if not all to fight the virus. There have been many other contributions, some locally including the government’s commitment of US$500,000, which indicates that the country has some money to start with the COVID-19 plan. But “where is the plan?” she asks.

Karnga-Lawrence said the Senate has resumed, their offices are active and they are working from their different chat rooms and conference calls, but cannot do much without the plan.

“We will immediately go to our chambers when you are ready, to include our inputs. Liberia is waiting because the mandate is not defined properly. It’s chaotic this morning…” she added.

“Please LEAD with collaboration and cooperation, we are ready and willing to do this together. Liberia First!,” she said.

It may be recalled on March 19, 2020, the Finance and Development Planning Minister, Samuel Tweah, at a press conference in Monrovia said the Bank had made available US$1.5 million to help the government to start the fight against the coronavirus while they are working on making available in total US$6 million that is expected to be in the country within six days.

According to Minister Tweah, US$7.5 million will come through the World Bank for the emergency response commitment. “Therefore, you can say the World Bank is bringing in $15 million for the fight against the virus.”

He said US$6 million will come from the World Bank based on what he referred to as ‘contingency.’

The Minister also disclosed that the International monetary fund has made available US$50 billion globally for countries including Liberia, and therefore the government is making every effort by speaking to relevant authorities to make a request because the virus will have a trickle-down effect on the economy.


  1. This regime said it spends 25 million US dollars in an exercised within the economy, and was not able to account for a penny, the legislature for which the Senate is part of , oh well, that’s another story that was reported before. But after the dust has settled on this one, and payments are to due to all the so-called Coronavirus tracers, no money to pay them as always. The regime is broke or the money has been stolen, and it is time to protest again. Counting 25 million US dollars plus the 15 million US dollars, the regime will still be unable to give account of that . An act that took place within a period of one year. There are no plans provided on how the Coronavirus money will be used. While it is believed in some quarters that a pretty good amount of that money have already been used without plans, transparency and accountability. Just as the 25 million US dollars used for a fraud exercise . And citizens still believe that the regime is broke, because of its self imposed refusal to cartel to the needs of its citizens. Fooling them into thinking and believing that the regime is actually broke and can not do for its citizens. Only fools as citizens will believe that kind of nonsense talks. And many do believe that lies. Watch out for what will happened in the next two months , PROTEST FOR CORONAVIRUS PAYMENT DUE AS PROMISED. That regime is very predictable, that a protest will surely happened. 40 million US dollars gone in 30 seconds.

  2. Look at THESE OTHER FRAUDS! I knew they were going to COPYCAT THESE HATERS OF DONALD TRUMP.! Just because they saw some news outlets here in the U.S. disseminating such frivolous and misleading headline, they Liberian COPYCAT journalists have taken cue. What a shame!

  3. Mr. James Davis,
    It seems that you are very, very obsessed with the Weah government. It shows in you, young man. On the other hand, you have a right to be. Mr. James Davis, I read your comment above and I found it difficult to understand what you said. I don’t know if forgot what you used to tell me……”use your own independent thoughts”. Did you use your own individual thoughts?

  4. Mr. Hney, probably you have not noticed; but James Davis´ disposition in the discussion of public affairs is no different from that personality or character who is of the conviction that tantrums and flippancies are the solution; when or if lies would be quickly detected! This is why he must spew any rubbish which comes to his mind; even as his immaterial faculties as his intellect, conscience, will, or sensibility, grieves any of such disgusting frivolities. And this is why in most cases, his comments are like ” duck and chicken having a party.”

    • Well , Mr. Siboe Doe, George is welcome to the ducks and chicken party. But one thing though, he better bring along the Coronavirus payments for the virus tracers. It is always when the month ends, then it is different political ball game of your come tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow. Six thousand or more, the Coronavirus has created an employment pool for job seekers. When citizens should be running away from the virus, they are running into the virus just for bread and butter issues. It is too sad. Too very sad. PROTEST AWAITS THE REGIME, THEY DO NOT LIKE TO PAY THEIR BILLS. Always promising and failing to deliver. That’s something you Mr. Siboe Doe knows very much about. And the regime of George is very predictable on its promises to his citizens. Well , Mr. Siboe Doe, you just attended the ducks and chicken party discussions by way of your comments. Thanks for your input.

  5. Why are you asking the President where is his national plan? He is suppose to present the broad strokes and you the legislators and other stakes holders for your respective inputs. This has to be a collaborative effort. You must work together for our people. This is a collective national effecfor. Work with the President!!! Time for leadership and nation time..

  6. My mother and Father were from the same area. I am not inside you talk. Keep you distance before I get contaminated. Tell Liberia. Not me.
    Gone for long.

  7. James Davis, it would have been better if you had written your post in simple Liberian English for your reader to understand. Nobody will understand when you jump from topic to topic without logic

    • Hahaha ! Liberian English ? What’s that ? Liberian English , in a country where ” Pink Eyes ” are commonly called Apollo ? That was since the American landed on the moon, and pink eyes are called by that name in Liberian English. And just recently the citizens of that County are referring to the Coronavirus in their simple Liberian English as 5G virus. As if to say that country has only one red light with a market place, and has no other name , so that place is called in the Liberian simple English as red light market. Well , can’t fault your education. It is just as a result of LAZINESS that established the Liberian Simple English, followed by voluntary illiteracy. Nothing is wrong with your but laziness to go beyond simple efforts. A commonly known eyes disease is called Apollo, and Coronavirus is a 5G syndrome. A particular place that had a name , is commonly called red light market. Wow ! What a country ? What a people ? But thanks, young man for trying to read and understand the post . But the objective of the post stands.

  8. The other issue that can be pointed out about James Davis’ lecture series is his unwillingness to sequence his independent thoughts into paragraphs. The young man writes his speech without the use of paragraphs. Without paragraphs, it makes it harder to understand the guy.

    Davis usually refers to his fellow commenters as “young man”. Well, I will respond in kind. Young man, don’t forget to break your independent thoughts up into paragraphs.

    Thanks for listening young man.

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