MPT Minister Attends UPU Global Addressing Confab


The Minister of Post and Telecommunication, Dr. Frederick B. Norkeh, accompanied by Deputy Minister for Administration, J. Ebenezer Kolliegbo, recently participated in a Global Addressing Conference at the Universal Postal Union (UPU) headquarters in Berne, Switzerland.

The conference explored access to address infrastructure, discussed new ways for addresses to be developed and quickly implemented at a lower cost, particularly through new technologies.

Day one of the two day conference focused on illustrating the economic and social value of address, reviewed innovative solutions and tools that facilitate address management as well as access to spatial information.

Day two was devoted to building capacities through a hands-on-session, focused on real examples of up-to-date, user-friendly addressing systems.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication (MPT), the Liberian government jumpstarted the implementation of its National Postal Address System Project when it allotted to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, for the first time, US$150,000 in the 2012-2013 fiscal year budget against this US$7 million project. Since then, an anticipated continual budgetary support to this project is yet to be seen through fiscal budgetary allotment.

It may be recalled that on May 22, 2014, when the MPT Minister addressed the media at a regular press briefing at the Information Ministry, he emphasized that the lack of a national address system is not only unfavorable to the Home and Institutional Delivery Unit of the Ministry’s postal services to various customers, but remains a challenge to critical service providers swiftly reaching any part of Monrovia.

Such vital services include the timely arrival of police officers to any community under attack by armed robbers; the prompt arrival of ambulance at any tragic scene to urgently take to hospital victims or seriously sick persons and revenue collectors easily and accurately locating businesses and real estate owners to collect needed government taxes. Others are the Liberia Electricity Corporation and the Liberia Water and Sewage Corporation easily locating their respective customers to deliver services and bills for payment, among other constraints.

“Upon the successful completion of this National Postal Address Project across Monrovia and its immediate environs as well as all the provincial cities of the fifteen counties of Liberia, the Legislature may approve the next 2016-2017 fiscal budget for ongoing projects of the Ministry. The citizenry and the government will see how permanent, relevant and advantageous the effective, accessible and affordable our overall postal delivery system will buttress the socio-economic growth,” added Dr. Norkeh.


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