MPC, Not Simeon Freeman, Owes US$850


The political leader of Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman, on Friday told the Monrovia City Court that it was his party that has refused to pay a balance of US$850 for the printing of 40,000 flyers and not him, as the party’s standard bearer.

Mr. Freeman made the clarification when he was cited by the court to a conference with his party’s vendor, the J. Max Printing Press in Monrovia.

“I do not know anything about the transaction because it was done between some of MPC’s executives and Eddie H. Vinton, the (printing) company’s chief executive officer,” Mr. Freeman claimed.

He added: “I do not know Vinton, and I have never met him anywhere in my life, but I know that the party owes him, and not me as an individual.”

“If Vinton wants to, (he can) take me anywhere about his US$850, because I am prepared to defend myself against any future lawsuit. I am not going to pay the money,” Freeman said during the conference.

According to him, he was considering taking an action of damages against Vinton for tarnishing  “my good reputation.”

He did not say when he will file the lawsuit against Vinton or how much he would sue for.

The flyers were allegedly printed by the J. Max Printing Press in Monrovia based on an agreement with Mr. Freeman, of which he had paid US$750, leaving a balance of US$850.

The court’s decision to cite Mr. Freeman came immediately after Mr. Vinton filed a complaint against him before Magistrate Kennedy Peabody.

In his complaint, Vinton alleged that Mr. Freeman and his company entered into an agreement for him to print 40,000 flyers for the MPC’s campaign activities, which the entity completed at the cost of US$1,600.

Vinton alleged that after printing the 40,000 flyers, Freeman paid his company US$750, but has since refused to pay the balance of US$850.


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