MPC Joins West Point Relocation Advocacy


The Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) has joined residents of West Point in advocating for their relocation due to the increased sea erosion that is rendering many of them homeless.

Speaking at the Disaster Victims Association Office in West Point yesterday, MPC’s John Barlone who deputized for Chairman Simeon Freeman said following the cries of West Point residents the party has joined the effort by advocating and mobilizing funds for their relocation.

He said it has been noticed that currently over 15 houses have been destroyed by the relentless erosion.

He called on the Government of Liberia and Non Governmental Organizations to join the advocacy to have West Pointers relocated.

“We regret to see what our people are going through in West Point especially with the issue of the erosion. We will continue working in order to have every one relocated,” Mr. Barlone said.

He appealed to the Government of Liberia to have West Pointers relocated to a suitable place, naming Harbel and Robertsfield Highway.

Resident Alfred Brown told journalists that West Pointers have agreed to be relocated.

“I’m very much frustrated because the sea took away my seven bedroom house and my warehouse I was depending on for survival was also destroyed.

“This has caused me serious pain because it was my only source of living,” he said.

Another resident Ms. Tenneh Dorlay said, “I’m living with my friend because I’m homeless. Today June 18, the erosion took away my home that I had resided in with my kids.”

Madam Dorlay also appealed to the Liberian government to act quickly on behalf of the people of West Point.

She meanwhile praised the MPC delegation for visiting their community.

“We are very tired of this erosion and now we are prepared to be relocated,” she said.

She noted that due to the erosion many children are no longer going to school and therefore the government and its partners should urgently respond to their appeal.


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