MOVEE Youth League Expels 2 Members


The National Youth League of the Movement for the Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has announced the expulsion of two of its members.

A press release issued yesterday named the two members as Prince L. Jugbe, national vice chairman on membership, mobilization and recruitment and Daniel T. Woart, chairman, Jones Intellectual Brigade, which is a youth-driven auxiliary of MOVEE.

Giving reasons for the action against the two men, the release said while MOVEE held an emergency meeting on October 3 by its National Executive Committee and decided to endorse the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the presidential runoff, the two men challenged the decision through the media.

The release quoted officials as saying that the two men’s action was in defiance of and in gross disregard for the decision of the National Youth League.

The two men, the release said, described the MOVEE Executive Committee’s decision as “bogus, criminal and non-consultative.”

It said during one of their discussions on Truth FM Big Show, Prince L. Jugbe ‘impersonated’ claiming that he was the chairman of the National Youth League.

Daniel T. Woart, chairman, Jones Intellectual Brigade

The Youth League said the two men were not members of the MOVEE National Executive Committee and therefore their action was in gross violation of the party’s laws and constitution.

The release, which was signed by seven members of the National Youth League, said the two men’s action has brought the party’s image to public disrepute and therefore came up with the decision to expel them following the conclusion of an emergency meeting, held on November 3, and attended by eight of ten members of its central executive committee members.

“It is a precedence we have set and the decision has been communicated to the National Executive Committee,” the release said.

The National Youth League reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the CDC for victory in the presidential runoff and expressed its unflinching support to the chairmanship of Mr. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., and all elected Executive Committee members of MOVEE.


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