MOVEE Rebukes ‘Defectors’


A day after five founding members of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) political party broke away, denouncing the standard bearer Dr. J. Mills Jones, the party has reacted by describing them as political lunatics and neophytes.

Samuel Philips, Hodo Merriam, Rufus Saydee, Philip Benson and Roland Mathew, all executives of MOVEE’s “Elder Council,” in a statement of resignation, criticized Dr. Jones for the manner in which he has imposed himself as “standard-bearer” of MOVEE, which they argued, has the potential to destroy the party’s image.

But, MOVEE’s director of communications, Robert Sammie, denied the existence of a group known as “Elder Council” clarifying that the resignation of the men was based on administrative reasons.

Mr. Sammie said an elder council is usually comprised of people with good reputation and distinction in their community and society.

According to Mr. Sammie those who defected from the party lack the moral standard to serve in such position in the party.

“I wonder if these so called elders are holders of MOVEE’s membership roster, Mr. Sammie asked.

He said the party has procedures in place to elect its standard bearer and officials, a process which the party adhered to during its first national convention in March this year when it elected its national officers.

MOVEE will hold primaries across the country for the purpose of electing its representative and presidential candidates for the forthcoming 2017 elections, Sammie stated.

In the minds of the so called elder council, Dr. Jones is usurping the functions of the party’s national chairman, a thinking he termed as a “blatant lie,” noting that the chairman is the principal and senior administrative officer of the party whose responsibility is to coordinate, supervise and implement the organization’s policies and also serve as chief liaison between registered political parties, the National Elections Commission, civil society and the government.

“These functions are in no way being hindered as insinuated by the so called council of elders. The standard bearer of the part has no administrative or operational role to play in the administration and management of the party. The standard bearer is consulted on key issues and decisions, but does not meddle in the day to day activities of the party,” Sammie clarified.

Sammie called on partisans, sympathizers and well-wishers not to be deterred by political masqueraders but continue the party’s agenda across the country as they work towards victory in 2017 thereby ensuring that Liberians are empowered to take over the economy.


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