Mourners Reminded of the Uncertainty of Life

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Mourners celebrating the home-going of Patrick W. Doe, Sr, Saturday, August 29 were told that while it is certain that “all of us will die, it is not certain the exact day we will die.”

The funeral was held at the Congregation of God Church of the G. H. Memorial Chapel in Point 4, Bushrod Island, Monrovia.

As a result, Rev. Patrick K. C. Appleton, Sr. told hundreds of family, friends and co-workers of the deceased to re-examine their relationship with God.

On the theme: ‘The Uncertain Period of Life’ Rev. Appleton made reference to the apostle Paul’s letter to James (James 4:7-15) and encouraged the congregation not to make promises without reliance on God.

He said the fall of man lacks the absolute future that creates doubt and as a result makes life uncertain, causing unwillingness and disbelief.

“When we face certain fear it leads to life becoming unsuccessful which also leads to the unwillingness to believe,” Rev. Appleton said.

He explained that death lives in all people because even drinking has the tendency of strangulation but at the same time life dwells in us.

The natural end of life, he said, “as a result of the departure of the spirit is a process of change in the physical body until the resurrection of the mortal body.”

He said at the time, others would be raised to the resurrection of life while others would be raised to the resurrection of contempt.

Quoting Job 14:1-2 (Eccl. 9:8-9; 2 Cor. 5:10), Rev. Appleton told the mourners that life is in the midst of the uncertainty of death.

He said “We are all pilgrims on earth and salvation depends on how prepared we are on the day of our appointment.”

Rev. Appleton called on the family and friends to show humility in their dealings and be ready to examine their lives with God.

Earlier, the Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization, (BIN), including the Class of ’98, Personnel Division, Border Patrol, Inspectorate, Supply Unit (ISU), and Re-entry Section paid their respective tributes to the memory of the late officer Patrick W. Doe, Sr.

The remains of the deceased were interred in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.


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