“Motorcyclists Reappearance Has Health Implications”

Senator Peter Sonpon Coleman

-Sen. Coleman warns

Grand Kru County Senator Peter Coleman, has warned that motorcyclists plying the streets of Monrovia amidst intense traffic has serious public health implications.

Sen. Coleman’s warning was contained in his statement on Tuesday, during the Senate plenary’s debate on two separate communications from two of his colleagues on the reemergence of motorcyclists on the principal streets of Monrovia, once regulated as ‘No Go Zones.’

Coleman, who quoted the most recent statistics released by the Liberia Medical and Dental Association as well as other studies that have been carried out by the Department of Surgery at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, said that the preponderance of motorcycle related accidents have increased the level of disability among the populace.

As a practicing medical doctor, Sen. Coleman recalled that the disability in post-war Liberia was around 16 percent of the population, “but recent statistics revealed that we are moving towards 30 percent, because on a weekly basis, we have on an average five to six percent of young people that are becoming incapacitated, that have to be confined to wheelchairs, become permanently paralyzed because of motorcycle-related accidents.”

“So, I think its high time that we take a more radical approach on this issue, because I can recall during the confirmation hearing of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, this issue was raised, but he evaded the question; we can’t be ambiguous when we come to critical issue like this that has a serious implication for the lives of the citizenry,”he said.

Sen. Coleman chairs the statutory Committee of Health, Gender, Social Welfare, Women and Children Affairs at the Senate.

Sen. Coleman informed his colleagues that he is contemplating the possibility of bringing some of them in the medical profession to come and present to plenary, statistics on the level of disability and motor vehicle accidents, to enable the lawmakers understand how serious the situation is.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Liberia National Police Colonel Patrick Toe Sudue, was expected to appear before the Senate to clarify reasons given for the return of motorcyclists on the major streets of Monrovia.


  1. Patrick Toe Sudue is simply showing signs of incompetence when it comes to being IG of the Police. He may be a long serving professional police officer, but that alone is not always enough when it comes being at the top. I have seen the police lately and most of them seem to have heighten aggression and arrogance. I know Pres Weah feels it is the time to reward his friends and loyalist at the expense of the country, but there are consequences along the road. Is this the reason he fought for all these years to become president? To reverse the gains? Is that the agenda? Reserve all the previous administration has achieved?


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