Motorcyclists, Drivers Clash

Left to right: Mr. Dingwall and Mr. Kenyor speak to the media regarding the Saturday's saga involving drivers and motorcyclists in Paynesville.

-One rider, passenger dead, several properties destroyed 

The President of the Federation of Motorcycle and Tricycle Unions of Liberia (FOMTUL) John A. F. Kenyor, has disclosed that the OMEGA Market junction turned chaotic on Saturday after the death of a motorcyclist and a passenger due to an accident involving a bus driver.

Mr. Kenyor at a joint press conference on November 16, 2020, with the Federation of Road Transport Union in Paynesville, said that as a result of the riot no commercial buses could ply the Redlight-Omega corridor for hours on Saturday.

He added that the death of the motorcyclist and the passenger resulted in the destruction of several properties. According to him, the Liberia National Police is currently investigating the matter.

Mr. Kenyor said the union has reached out to the bereaved families and efforts have been initiated to ensure that those who died are given a befitting burial.

“We at the level of the FOMTUL, it was first important to see how best we calm our boys down and later engage the relevant authorities to ensure that the peace that we are enjoying today cannot be undermined,” Mr. Kenyor said.

He continued: “We want to send this caveat to all the drivers that when an object is involved in an accident, it can be repaired, but life cannot be repaired if it is lost.  We are calling on them to give the necessary respect to all motorcyclists because they are human beings too.”

Mr. Kenyor said while it is true that we need to maintain the peace and security of Liberia, we should be able to respect each other, stating “nobody should feel that respecting the rule of law is weakness on the part of the cyclists.”

The president of Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia (FRTUL), Stanley J. Dingwall Sr, says the union regret the passing of a motorcyclist along with a passenger due to accident despite the destruction of property.

According to Mr. Dingwall, the accident is an unforeseen situation and he does not think it should lead to violence in the OMEGA Market junction.

Mr. Dingwall said Liberians should by now learn from the past, indicating that during the14 years of civil war nothing was achieved rather than destruction and therefore violence cannot solve any problem.

He clarified that at the level of the Federation of Road Transport Union, there is no form of violence and it was unfortunate to see such thing happening in said form and manner.

Mr. Dingwall further expressed gratitude to the leadership of the FOMTUL for the level of support in ensuring that they work along to calm down the situation.

He assured that the leadership of FOMTUL will work closely with them to ensure a smooth working environment exists.  He stressed the need to conduct a workshop for members of FOMTUL and drivers.

Alvin Worzi is a Liberian journalist with over seven years of professional experience. For the past few years, he has been engaged in covering land issues, security, education, gender related issues, politics, and agriculture. Mr. Worzi is currently the Assistant Secretary General of the Executive Mansion Press Corps (conglomeration of reporters assigned at the Executive Mansion). Mr. Worzi is a member of the Press Union of Liberia.


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