Motorcyclist Crushed to Death by Garbage Truck


Time ran out for an unidentified motorcyclist who many said was coming from church yesterday when he was crushed to death by a truck belonging to Libra Sanitation.

The incident took place near the Fish Market in Sinkor, Monrovia, holding up the already congested traffic for several hours. The man met his horrific death in the accident that left him almost unrecognizable with one side of his face smashed.

Many said the victim, wearing a white shirt, khaki pants and matching shoes, could not have been a (commercial) motorbike rider because he was well-dressed and could have been coming from church.

Police on the scene had the remains covered with a white cloth as eye-witnesses lamented over the tragedy.

Police investigators did not speak to the Daily Observer and kept eye-witnesses anxious to see the body a distance from the scene.

The Libra Sanitation truck, bearing license plate number LBC50104, allegedly ran over the victim, who died shortly after he was struck down, an eyewitness to the accident remarked.

Until the police took the body way, there was no sign of anyone arriving on the scene to identify the victim, but a group of young men, who showed up later expressed anger at the driver of the truck.

“You’re lucky. We would have killed you,” one threatened and another made an attempt to open the passenger side of the truck.

Many complained that drivers of large trucks have no respect for drivers of smaller vehicles and motor bike riders.

“Sometimes drivers of big vehicles can drive so close to you that your only choice is to get off the main road with your small vehicle or with your motorbike,” an eyewitness said.

The accident caused traffic in the area to come to a standstill, with drivers who did not know the reason for the delay expressing frustration with the slow pace of getting through.

Many people on the scene expressed regret about the accident and the loss of life.


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