Motor Accident Leaves Woman Unconscious, 2 Others Injured

Local residents help to get the woman who was flung from the car into an ambulance (left); and the vehicle involved in the accident

A car accident along the Buchanan highway has left an unidentified woman unconscious and two others wounded.

The accident occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 4, 2017 in Fortville, Grand Bassa County when the vehicle somersaulted off the main road.

There were four persons on board the vehicle (a woman, two men, and the driver), which was also loaded with cassava, coconuts and other farm producce.

Although the current condition of the woman is unclear, she was, however, seen lying helplessly and not breathing at the scene of the accident.

Eyewitnesses said the woman was ejected from the vehicle from the force of the impact, and that rescuers had to walk a distance to rescue her where she landed.

Meanwhile, the victims were rushed to a hospital in Buchanan in an ambulance.

Speaking on their ordeal, one of the passengers, David Monibah, said they were on their way to Monrovia from Cestos when one of the vehicle’s tires exploded.

Eyewitnesses theorized that the accident probably occurred because the driver could not control the vehicle “as it swerved this way and that way.”

According to another observer, the driver of the vehicle might have engaged his brakes upon hearing the tire explode, which might have exacerbated the ordeal, adding: “In such a case you just have to let the car continue to roll down until the speed can reduce.”


  1. Just after I posted this comment on another page this accident happened:

    An anonymous philosopher once said, “The executive of the future will be rated by his ability to anticipate his problems rather than to meet them as they come.” Where are the visionary executives in Liberia who can anticipate potential problems and have the guts to implement precautionary measures in advance to reduce the numerous traffic accidents occurring throughout Liberia?

    It is one thing to execute insurance laws to remedy as compensation for the loss of life and property damage; but what are the preventive measures being put in place in Liberia to reduce the number of accidents? Instead of lawmakers worrying about the next election, they need to implement policies to minimize the number of traffic deaths that have risen exponentially in Liberia.

    Lawmakers need to establish a separate Agency (like FDA) called the Bureau of Driver Services that will be responsible for: Issuing Drivers’ Licenses, Fees, Printing driver manuals in English and local Liberian vernacular, Driving Test (for bikes, CDL, and small vehicles), Leaners’ Permit, Alcohol and Drug Awareness Programs, training on violation and suspension, and encourage private driving training schools. These are visionary measures to minimize traffic deaths. Insurance Compensation alone is no substitute for the sanctity of human lives.

  2. Speed, drunk driving, faulty vehicles, new inexperience drivers and overloaded vehicles are few of the causes of motor vehicle accidents in Liberia. If the vehicles has out lived its road worthiness, or if the vehicle is no more in a suitable operating condition or meeting an acceptable standard for safe driving and transport of people, it should be taken out of commission to save lives.

  3. What is wrong with this picture? Look at the local residents who are honestly trying to help but could be doing more harm by not properly lifting the injured. The manner in which the injured is carried could contribute to more serious spinal injuries. Building all these roads and making no provisions for highway safety is foolhardy. Speed enforcement and mandatory inspection of all vehicles should be a priority. The old adage that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure is quite cogent.

  4. Simplier said, where it comes to operating a MOTOR VEHICLE, Liberia must have LAWS and RULES in place. Such LAWS and RULES must be vigorously inforced; with severe punishments, when/where necessary. However, the vehicle in question here, suddenly blew a tire. We may have to investigate; before coming to any conclusions. ‘Wish the injured Lady God’s speedy recovery.


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