Mothers Have Failed Liberia

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While it is true that the civil crisis left its negative impacts on the behaviours of people in Liberia, a preacher of the Redeemed Church of God has said that not all failures can be attributed to the war.

Mother Janice Saway said since the war ended and peace returned many people have failed to do the right thing to move the country forward.

Mother Saway, Pastor-in-Charge of the Redeemed Christian Church in Neezoe, Paynesville, blames women, especially mothers, for failing to bring up their children in the right way.

She said as a result of their failure, the country is failing, and having a negative effect on the behaviour of their children and even the older ones.

Liberian women have failed the country because they have neglected their inherent responsibilities, thereby putting the country in a very difficult position, Mother Saway said.

She believes that many people claiming to be mothers do not bring up their children well, but abandon them under the excuse of poverty and the pursuit of their daily needs which leaves the children vulnerable to all kinds of vices.

In her Mother’s Day message from the book of Proverbs on the theme, “Are There Virtuous Mothers in the Land, Who Can Find?” Saway asked, “Do we still have mothers who are there to make the ultimate sacrifice for their kids?”

Making comparisons of mothers during the country’s pre and post-war eras, she said mothers of the past brought sanctity to their homes, communities and the country at large.

“In those days, our mothers were there for us, taking responsibility for our needs, but never forgot to discipline us. All of us were community children. When you did wrong and you were beaten by an elder in the community, that person would be lauded by your parents, but this is no longer the case,” Saway said.

Nowadays, however, mothers are using their children, especially their female children to make money for them through sexual immorality, which consequently leads to what is referred to as “babies having babies,” charged the pastor.

“Our kids are out there taking drugs and prostituting themselves. What are we doing as mothers to take our kids off the streets? Let us not forget that our failure to do this means that we are also failing Liberia, because our country will never have a good future without good citizenry.”

Mother Saway contended that it is incumbent upon women of the country to rescue the future of their children who have gone astray.

“It is our duty now to rescue the situation because our country is going down the drain and we just can’t sit supinely to see this happen; we must act now!” she warned.

It may not be noticed now, but Liberia is treading a very dangerous path because many of the future leaders of the country (children) have gone or are going wayward by engaging in prostitution and drugs, thereby destroying their future, Mother Saway further warned.

Mother Saway after naming all the qualities of a virtuous mother, indicated that the lack of these qualities in many mothers have placed the Liberian society in a predicament that will last a long time.

The service featured the honouring of several dedicated mothers by the church.


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