Mother Wants Help for Daughter


The mother of an 8-year-old girl, Rosetta Brown, is calling on the government and philanthropists to assist her daughter, little Nancy Togbah, to seek treatment abroad.

Little Togbah drank caustic soda at the age of 4 and had been suffering from the problems over the past years leaving her unable to eat or drink well.

This situation has led the little child to be in a poor health condition.

According to little Togbah’s mother, she (Togbah) was taken to Ghana to obtain further test and medication, but was later frustrated by the result when she was asked to pay the sum of US$2,500 for surgery after the test.

“I managed to talk to people for her to travel to Ghana to do her test,” Madam Charlesetta N. Williams, a Liberian humanitarian, who usually flies sick Liberian kids abroad for treatment, said.

“I was told that we have to pay the US$2,500 and that caused me and my daughter to come back from Ghana without the surgery,” Rosetta said sadly.

She stated that because her daughter is not eating or drinking anything, her throat usually get tight and sored and it hurts her when she tries to eat or drink.

“This has caused her to have a tight throat that she finds it difficult to swallow any thing at time, if she happens to eat something that does not pass her throat; we have to get at the hospital for the people to get it out,” the distressed mother noted.

According to Mrs. Browne, her daughter Togbah sometimes spends a week without eating or drinking.

She explained that doctors in the country have advised her to take little Togbah abroad to have surgical treatment because the problem cannot be solved in Liberia.

According to the mother, doctors have created some means for the child to take in food and water, but it is not a guarantee that she can perpetually survive on.

Mrs. Browne is engaged in small business to meet the challenge arising from poverty, but indicated that it is not enough to meet this huge task.

Rosetta Browne said, “‘I sells cold water and small, small things, but this cannot allow my daughter to get treatment abroad.  This is why I am calling on the general public to assist me to take her abroad,” she said.

Rosetta Browne can be reached on these contacts 0777944319/0888046880


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